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Yonaguni Horse Description

Yonaguni Horses are small and rare breed originated from southwest of Japan. Due to developing industrialization these group is in endangered. On the Iceland part of Japan this Stallion was developed one of the eight variety of horse present on it and among 200 of total horses present on the Iceland. Some breeds are The Tokara and

The Miyako of the same variety pony species are also present on this Iceland are genetically different. In very slow manner the number of this stallion are increasing by some preservation process. They are the animals having relation with Japanese Culture.

Till 1975, there were only 59 total individuals of this breed left and preservation of the breed was established so increased in now a days.

Yonaguni Horses (Physical Traits)

 They are small sized horses and strong, having long head and short neck . Shoulders of these variety are straight and erect. Hooves of this breed are long and hard and able to splay all the legs. Generally this breed is healthy and no Health related issue.They are gentle so easily friendly deposition is mentioned.
Yonaguni Horses are very popular for children and ladies small height and quite nature. Hay, Grass and Graines  are the general food diet of this variety. In past timing this horse variety was used as general work. The hooves of this group are vertically long and hard.
Yonaguni Horse Country of origin Japan
Yonaguni Horse Common Uses Agriculture, Farming  and transportation etc.

Yonaguni Horse Height

About 11 hands (44 inches)

Yonaguni Horse Weight

350 to 400  Kilogrames

Yonaguni Horse Price

$ 500 onward

Yonaguni Horses (History Review)

 In ancient times this horses are used in farming, agriculture and transportation of timber. This Stallion was introduced 2000 years back from south island. Till 1939, many horse breeds in Japan were crossed with other breeds to improve their standards as war horses, enhancing them by size. But, the Yonagunis were exempted.
They retained their small pony size, and the pure bloodline, and continued to work for different local purposes such as farming, agriculture and transportation.
The body line of this breed was preserved for maintaining their characteristics and traits. In 2000 A.D. beginning this variety becomes center of attraction for visitors in tourism so the agriculture and  other farming works are not sued for them.

Yonaguni Yuma Horses (Height, Weight, Colors)

  The average height of this group is 11 hands (44 Inches) and weight is about 350 to 400 kgs . The common colors of this breed are bay, brown, tan, cremello and chest nut.

 (Uses and Temperament)

In past timing and also in present this stallion uses in agriculture and farming work. In transportation it is useful too. hey are warm blooded with great activeness and good follower as well as sensitive, hard working in many transportation work.
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