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Racking Horse Breeding History 

The Racking Horse’s ancestors were first breeding this racking horse before American Civil War. They are very useful for smooth riding for hours because of their Natural gaits. They are known for their temperament, smartness, versatility.


The Racking Horse breed development is similar to the Tennessee walking horse which is most popular in the Southern US. In late 1890, the Racking horse breed is more popular as an alternative in gambling associated horse racing.


The racking horse breeds are known as a type of Tennessee walking horse. There is no separate studbook for Racking horse, but, in the mid of 19th century, Racking horse organization was implanted in America i.e. Racking horse Breeders Association of America.

In 1971, The racking horse accepted by the US Department of Agriculture separate from the Tennessee walking horse.


 Racking horse Facts

Country of origin

Alabama, US.


 64 inches.


450 Kg.


Tall,  light riding horse,
well-muscled and sloping body,
a long neck, thin leg, slopped shoulders, stronger bone, and large foot, a smarter and trim head , clear, and bright eyes


seat, driving,
promotional activities,
jubilation horse

Racking horse Breed Characteristics

The Racking Horse is a light riding horse. It is building a graceful and attractive body structure. It is holding the well-muscled and sloping body. It holds a long neck, thin leg, slopped shoulders, stronger bone, and large foot. The racking horse looks a smarter and trim head.

It holds straight body structure in that they hold large, clear, and bright eyes. They can speed about 8 miles/ Hr.



Racking Horse Breed Uses         

They are used in Saddle seat, driving, and promotional activities. It is also using in trail or jubilation horse. It owns variety of activities

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