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Welsh Pony Horse ( Introduction and Facts)

  Welsh Pony Horses are first choice of ring shows because of its perfect style and graceful looks. Their bias variety shows a good attraction for both adults and children. welsh pony facts photos

Thus the useful Welsh cob variety is the first criteria of choice for older children and adults. As Welsh Pony Horses are selective group of small children. Modern Welsh Pony and Cob varieties are used in showing, driving and jumping as well as trail riding, trekking and pleasure riding.

welsh pony facts photos

Welsh Pony Height:

13 Hands

Welsh Pony Weight:

625 Lbs

Detailed Description of Welsh Pony and Cob Horses

 There are total four varieties in the Welsh group such as Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D where Section A and B are the Pony horses selective breed for small children other two species of Section C and D are of Cob variety who are selective for the elders children and adults.

Welsh pony Horse wallpics

SECTION A       Pony variety, having graceful movement and athletic ability ( Other name is Mountain Welsh  Pony ).

The height of this breed is about 11 to 12 hand which is shortest among all other types.

SECTION B        Also Pony variety, lighter build but good bony and attractive strong look ( Riding Welsh Pony ).

The height of this Stallion is about 12 hands which shows its larger than Section A breed.

SECTION C        Cob Variety, generated by the cross of Pony and Cob variety and sometimes by Iberian Horses too. ( Famous for their sharpness, strength, hardiness and gentle behaviour.

It is having height in middle range between all other variety and about 12 to 13.2 hands.

SECTION D          Cob variety, tallest among the groups and having large eyes as well as neat ears.

         Its tallest among all group and having height about 13 to 15 hands.

Welsh pony Horse pics

Welsh Pony Horses (Body Type and Size)

 This Stallion are deep chested and clear and fine boned, Section A and B varieties are Small in height and useful in small trekking, pulling and riding where Section C and D varieties are long in height so uses in the long trekkin

and riding adults with its great temperament.

They are also useful in endurance riding, dressage, general riding, hunting and jumping. They have sharp ears, attractive eyes, strong neck and mane.

 They are Strong for their size and withstand in any harsh and hardy climate that why uses in military, trail riding and trekking too.Welsh pony Horse images


Height, Weight, Temperament and Colors

 The height of the Section A Pony Breed is about 11 to 12 hands which is shortest, The height of Section B Pony Horses are about 12 hands, Section C Cob variety Horses height is about 12 to 13.2 hands and last but not the list Section D Cob Horses height is about 13 to 15 hands.

The weight of Welsh Pony Horses is about 625 pounds which is 400 pounds lighter than average horse breed.

They are warm blooded and attractive, intelligent, strong and having temperament like pure breed variety.

The common colors what we can see are black, brown, cremello, chestnut, palomino, perlino and overo.Welsh pony Horse pictures


Welsh Pony Cob Horses ( Unique History Facts)

The evidence suggests that Welsh Pony Horse are originated in Wales before 1600  A.D..  Then used followed by the Roman and British empires. In 15th century its characteristics of this group comes  in presence. In 18th and 19th century the Welsh Pony Breed was mix with the Arab variety Horse blood and become famous for its Unique Features and followed used by many businessmen, doctors and tradesmen. In the beginning of the of the 20th century the cross breed made potentially good with the Arabian, Thoroughbred and Hackney bloodlines.Welsh pony Horse image


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