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Trakehner Horse Breeds Information HD Images

Trakehner horse is mainly originated to the Prussia. It is light warmblood horse. Its name Trakehner horse is taking from Trakehner state of the Prussia. The first studbook was created in 1731. It is developing in East Prussian area.

Breeding History Trakehner Horse

This breed comes in 5th and 6th centuries from the Royal Scythians. They are known for horsemanship skills, cavalry mount skills and for their hardiness.

The King of Prussia selected this horse breed for their royal stud in the beginning of 18th century. In 1732 they are moved from Royal Scythians to Trakehen (Prussia). The main aim behind the re-habitat of Trakehner horse is creating suitability for mount cavalry for Arabian, thoroughbred, and Turkmenistan bloodiness.

It is popular in the 20th century, at the time of Second World War the Russian got this horse breed to the Russian force for to fight.  It is made toughest to survive the journey and to procreate.


Trakehner Horse Scientific Name

Equus Ferus caballus

Trakehner Horse Country of origin


Trakehner Horse height

Maximum 72 inches.

Trakehner Horse Weight

Maximum 2200 pounds

Trakehner Horse Characteristics

Straight forward and extrovert profile

Looks like rectangular build profile

Good hindquarters with sloped shoulders

Well settled neck

Wide forehead

Warm blooded

Athletic and trained horses

Have good Hardiness

Trakehner Horse Colour







Trakehner Horse Uses

Riding horse

Sport Horse

Draft Horse

Events and shows

Trakehner Horse Price

512$ to 15,000$

Trakehner Horse Characteristics

They have a Straight and extrovert profile. They are 72 inches heightened and 2200 Pounds weighted. Their build looks like a rectangular.

They have well hindquarter with slopped shoulders. They are holding well-settled neck.

They are warm blooded breed. They are holding wide forehead, hardiness, and athletic horse.

Uses of Trakehner horse

it is used in Mount Cavalry activity. It is used in riding, sport, events, and shows. It is known for a draft horse.

Trakehner Horse for Sale

the Trakehner horse’s price listed between 512$ to 15,000$

Brief Introduction of Trakehner Horse


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