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Titanosaur Introduction

Titanosaurus dianasour is a Herbivore animal in Cretaceous period. This species was found mainly in France, Argentina and Madhya Pradesh in India in Epic times because the fossils were found from these areas. Some of the Fossils found in ranges between 40 to the longest Height 120 feet. Its quite common genus found among  Sauropod fossils.these dianasours were the last group that survived till late cretaceous period. Relatively smaller head and long neck is distinguishing feature of these  sauropaud.


Body structure

Titanosourus  have been  the most giant dinosaur ever found on earth.the head was small but elongated. Their forelimbs were shorter than their hind limbs. Their vertebrae were solid and spinal column was more flexible, some  titanosaurs  had no digits or digit bones, and walked only on horseshoe-shaped base and tail was like belt and long.

The body size of this dinosaur was so large,it reaches up to five to six floor height. This genus had bony scales on their backs to protect them from predators, mostly Abelisaurus.

Fossils suggested that  titanosorous lived and travelled  in groups. All body parts except skull were found in fossils dug all over  the world. Fossils also told about their egg nesting. Female  titanosours  put their eggs in a deep nest dug with back  limbs .




Higher classification:








Scientific name:



120 feet


60-62 tons

Diet of  Titanic Lizards

They ate monocotyledons and green grasses, unselected plant because they were herbivores. During the Cretaceous period they are  the genus varieties who had a long neck to  catch high  branches leaves to eat.


Time period and exact ideas

Before the 135 to 136 million years  ago Titanosaurus were the last group varieties of Sauropods . The first skeleton fossil  of this species was found in the year of 2006 in Italy.

The fossil evidence shows that they died in between the Jurassic and Mid cretaceous period. The large  footprint of this species was found in Gobi Desert in 2016.


Nature and temperament

This creature has had  light mood never harm to anybody, though it’s a huge  animal show zero level of unfairness. It’s a peaceful animal wandering on mountain ranges in

The search of food. Even in self defense  history this breed never harms any herbivore, too. This is a neutral behavior  to everyone killed anybody.


Appearance and Colors

Due to its huge body figure it scattered many small harmful species out of its range. This titanosaur always solitary and feeding in and around the mountaine ranges in the search of its meal. The color shows the differenciation of this breed to other, commonly  natural clay in color as well as the color shows their wandering region where they went  in the search of the food.


Height and weight and Facts

Height of this breed was in 40 to 60 feet approx. and weight ranges between 8000 to 17000 kg. The first fossil of titanosaurus was found in 1877 in India. Its also called as  “Titanic Lizards’’. Its had a bone plate on the dorsal part of the body to protect from predators.


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