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Thoroughbred Horse Breeds information

A Thoroughbred horse is a purebred horse. It is known for its racing capabilities. It is mainly originated in England. Thoroughbred horses are a hot-blooded horse. They are known for their anthropocentric, spiritual and speediness.thoroughbred horse pictures

Origination of Thoroughbred  Horse Facts       

Thoroughbred horses are breeding in England in 17th to 18th Century. Breeders are doing cross-breeding of a Native mare with the stallion which is imported from the Arabian, Barb, and Turkoman.

A thoroughbred horse is spreading out in the whole world. The studbook is registering approximately 100000 foals in all around the world.


Scientific Name

Equus ferus caballus

Country of origin



Maximum 173 cm


Maximum 1000 pounds


Thin Body structure

Well muscular body

Slopped powerful shoulders

Silky hair on body

Long forearm



Roan, Black, Gray, Brown, Dark bay,   and chestnut

In America,

Roan, Palomino

White marks on leg and face

Uses Racing horse

Show horse

Combined training dressage


Fox hunting


Thoroughbred Horse Price

500$ to 25,000$


Thoroughbred characteristics

They are holding maximum 173 cm they are 1000 pounds weighted. They are holding different color such as Bay, dark bay, brown, chestnut, black and gray. In the United States, they are holding two different colors such as roan and palomino. They are having white marks on face and legs.

They are having a thin body, dense chest, flat but well muscled. They are keeping more powerful slopped shoulders. They are having a silk hair coat on their body. They have long forearm. They are holding flat muscle, but they are very powerful.

Uses thoroughbred

It is mainly used for racing purposes. It is used as a show horse. It uses in combined training dressage, jumping, fox hunting, breeding etc.

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