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Termites In House

Termites are called “Silent Destroyer” because they hide in side our House without any sign of damage. All Termites consume Cellulose Based plant material so all furniture in our Home are the directly site for infestation. They are the most successful insects on the Earth.


Termites Facts

They are belong to the Artropoda Phylum and United States. They are mainly  of three types such as subterranean, drywood and dampwood. They are of Insecta Class. All fertile males are called “Kings” and all females are called “Queens”. Among them Termites Queens have more lifespan of about 30 to 50 years.


Appearance and Body Profile of Termites with Wings

Termites range from 1/4 to 1/2 inch in Length, Among them, Kings and Queens are more capable having 1-inch length. Workers and Soldier Termites have pale colored and soft bodies and these are having blind means not having a paired eyes. The flying Termites are called Reproductive Termites and having two pairs of prominent Wings. 


Availability All over world except extremely dry places


1/4 to 1 inch


Dark black, brown and creamy


dead plant and trees, furniture, shelves and books etc


found mainly in hollow timber, trees, decayed wooden and old book shelves etc.

Termites Terminal

by maintain moisture level in Our House
Termites treatment Two methods

  1. Liquid Termiticide
  2. Termites Bait


Termites feed on the dead plant and trees, they get nutrients from the Cellulose of Dead Plants and Wood matters. Termites also feed on the papers, plastics, and drywall. Some of the Termites feed on the living trees.

Each type of Termite has its own feeding preference such as Subterranean Termites are fond of Softwood while Dampwood  Termites like to feed decaying wood and Drywood Termites have fond of wood with moisture.

Termites are capable to tear the wooden and damaging the human household materials such as furniture, shelves, and books, too.



Termites have found mainly in hollow timber, trees, decayed wooden and old bookshelves etc. They are present in their different site according to the moisture condition. Subterranean variety is famous and found mainly in the United States. Dampwood and Drywood varieties are found in Southern part.

Subterranean Termites are formed usually in soil while Drywood and Dampwood groups are infested on wall and furniture.


Termites Identification Sign

  1. Some Winged Termites ( insect)  Flying in your Home or soil bulges in around your home.
  2. A cracked or bubbling the paint in the home.
  3. Wood sounds hollow while tapped.
  4. Developing Mud Tubes on any wall of your Home.

Reproduction and Colony

The flying Male King Termites mate with Female Queen Termite and followed by mating they lose their wing and shows the maturities. Now Female Termites lay millions of eggs in each year which makes a new colony.

The Workers in Termites work to feed and secure the colony members where the Soldier ones are doing protection by their large mandibles to beware off predators.


Termites Terminal

For the Termites Terminal,  we have to follow some criteria to devoid these species from our households. We should have to maintain the moisture level in Our House so its best way to Terminate these Termites.

Termites Treatment

There are two famous methods of Termites Treatment is available such as:-

  1. Liquid Termiticides

  2. Termites Baits

Liquid Termiticide:- This is the Liquid Barrier Method for prevention from Termites really happens in this Termiticide is placed on the part of infestation to devoid of this species.

This is placed in the soil because Termites are getting the moisture needed for their survival so we can Treat them out.

Termites Baits:- This is a Bait System among various Method of Baiting System where this one is placed into the ground directly where is a chance of Termites presence. By this system, Termites feed their diet and die afterward.

Termite Images & Photos – Pictures Gallery

termites image

swarming termites images

baby termites images

subterranean termites images

drywood termites images


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