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The most unique and distinguishing feature of the Swordfish is its LONG, FLAT, SWORD LIKE BILL. These Broad bills are one of the fastest and most intense fishes.

The Swordfishes are wide ranging fishes and are found in open sea waters worldwide.This fish is high valued and a famous cooking fish.

The Swordfishes are members of Xiphiidae family and genus Xiphias. They are the only members of species Xiphias gladius.swordfish images


Scientific Name

Xiphias gladius


1400 to 1500 pounds


10 to 15 feet


Younger fishes and very prone to predate


Dark black, grayish blue and sometimes metallic tint


The body of The Swordfish is large, long and rounded with a long, flat snout. They have a long and tough first dorsal fin, a small second dorsal fin and pectoral fins. The tail is curved and fast moving.The female Swordfish is larger and heavier than the male.swordfish images 2018


The color of the dorsal aspect is dark; black or grayish blue and sometimes has metallic tint. The belly is mucky white in color.They have special organs behind their eyes to heat up their eyes and brain as they are ectothermic animals.

The Length of the swordfish is about 10 to 15 ft and weight is about 1400 to 1500 pounds.


swordfish picturesHABITAT AND DIET

The Swordfish are found in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian ocean. They live offshore in the deeper waters.The Swordfish is migratory fish, it migrates to cooler waters in summer and  warmer water in winter and in search of food.

The Swordfish feed mostly at night, they mostly feed on squids, butterfish, mackerel, herrings, lantern fish, rock fish, crustaceans  and other small fishes.

Killer whales and fast species of shark eat swordfish. Younger fishes are more prone to predate .


The Swordfish lives solitary and alone. They are sighted basking in small groups with showing their long dorsal fin over the water surface. They stay far from the other swordfishes if they are in small groups.They are the powerful jumpers and show breaching.The long bill helps them remain safe.

The Swordfishes are very sharp, Very fast pace and A sword like bill are features to rely on while predating. They swim very fast to catch the prey. With the help of long bill they disorient the prey and slash it. They slice the large prey into small pieces and swallow smaller prey directly. They swim to the surface of the sea to catch small fishes and dive into depth of the sea to catch the prey.

Special organs are located just behind the eyes to heat their eyes and brain,this helps them to see in a deeper, darker environment of the sea and increase their efficiency of predation.



Like other fishes, the reproduction method is external fertilization.

The Swordfishes matures around 5-6 years of age.the female ejects millions eggs in probable warm water, very few of them survive. The eggs are fertilized with sperms of the male.Rest eggs become food of many aquatic animals.The spawning occurs in mostly summer.

The life span of Swordfish is about 9 years.


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