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The Sorraia horse is autochthonic breed that isn’t offered within the Iberian Peninsula space. it’s primarily originated to the Portuguese Republic, Sorraia geographical region.

It is renowned for his or her special characteristics like extrovert profile and dun colouring with native marks. There square measure such a large amount of theory of their origin.

Today, There square measure analysis is current however, one theory is explaining that this horse breed is of course crossed breeding of untamed Fauna with Southern peninsula. current analysis says that this horse breed is relates to the various horse breeds.

This breed is little heighted however undaunted, well-adapted in forceful condition. it had been utilized by farmers for hundreds of years. The Sorraia horse was supported by One Portuguese named life scientist in twentieth century.

Today, the breeders try a lot of to preserve Sorraia Breed. the ecu scientists try to re- institution of this horse breed. they’re additionally establishing crowd and comes to re-establishing these breeds.

There square measure these horse breeds square measure holding height regarding fifty nine inches however some horse square measure holding height regarding fifty one inches.

The Sorraia horse holds giant head, extrovert profile of temperament. They additionally hold thick and long neck & high withers, slightly down. Their legs square measure long unfastened and shapely hooves.

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They hold smart toleration and simple keepers.

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