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As the name says it, the Short Beaked Common Dolphin is the commonest dolphin found in oceans worldwide. These dolphins are found in the Pacific ocean, the Atlantic ocean and in small population in the Indian ocean.These common dolphins are found in large quantity around the U.K. and In Black Sea.

Short Beaked Common Dolphins are members of  the genus Delphinus. The genus has two species:  Short Beaked Common Dolphin and Long Beaked Common Dolphin. The former one is smaller than later one. The Short Beaked Common Dolphins scientifically named as Delphinus delphis.short beaked dolphin pics



The unique color pattern is the distinguishing feature of short beaked common dolphin.Dark black color of the back and white colored belly make an hourglass color pattern with yellow to golden patches on body. The younger dolphins have lighter body shade than the adults.

The body is streamlined with prominent beak. The teeth are sharp, small and conical in shape.

The Short Beaked Common Dolphin grows up to 6 to 8 feet in length. The weight of this dolphin is about 100 to 140 kg. The life span of this common dolphin is about 35 years.


short-beaked common dolphinHABITAT AND DIET

Short Beaked Common Dolphins live in warm water everywhere in the world. They live in the  Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean, Black sea, Mediterranean sea, Red sea, Gulf of Mexico,  in the English channel in the  U.K.

These Common dolphins like to live in deeper waters and can dive up to 200 m in depth in search of food. They migrate from their home to find warmer water in winters and to maintain their food.

Like other Cetaceans, these common dolphins prefer cephalopods as their diet. They mostly eat squids, mackerel, herrings, octopus, sardines and other small fishes. The diet differs according to their habitat.

Scientific name

Delphinus delphis


100 to 140 kg (adult)


6 to 8 feet


Squids, mackerel, herrings, octopus, sardines and other small fishes


Hourglass color pattern with white belly and dark black back

short beaked common dolphin pictures


Short Beaked Common Dolphins are highly active and fast swimming dolphins. They mostly keep themselves busy in different activities. Throughout day, they show their playful nature and are sighted performing breaching, lobtailing,  bow riding over a boat with joy.

These Common Dolphins are highly social in nature. They live in pods of around 100 members to thousands members. They also unite with other dolphin species like pilot whales.

 The Short Beaked Common Dolphins communicate via body touch and different sounds. They make whistles, clicks and use Echolocation to find the Prey and the Way.

short beaked common dolphin


The gestation period is about 10 to 12 months. The male dolphin reaches its maturity at 3 to 12 years of age, whereas the female matures at 2 to 7 years of age. Mating occurs around warmer days. The female dolphin gives birth to a baby having  2 to 3 ft length and around 10 to 14 kg weight.After birth, the calf feed on the mother’s milk and the mother nurses it for 18 to 20 months. Every 1 to 3 years, the female gives birth to a baby.

 Diet, maturity age and even gestation period varies according to their habitat.

Short Beaked Common Dolphin


The Short Beaked Common Dolphins are abundant in nature and the IUCN has listed the species as ‘Least Concerned’. But the dolphins living in the Black sea and around U.K. are at risk due to excessive fishing.

MASS  STRANDING  is common to these common dolphin species.

The fishing nets and other equipment  harm these dolphins. Increased water pollution, hunting for food, noise pollution due to submarines and boats, depletion of food are the major threats to the Short Beaked Common Dolphins.

In the U.K., The hunting of this species is more than other places. This species is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. The fishing over this region is being monitored and efforts are made to increase public concern.  The cetaceans and mammals, including these common dolphins are protected under MMPA in the U.S

short beaked common dolphin range

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short beaked common dolphin facts

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