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Shetland Pony Breeds Information Photos & Pictures


The pony is Pony breed that is originating in Shetland Isles. It is short in size. They are smart.

They are strong pony breed. It is using as riding horse and driving horse.

Breeding history of Shetland horse

The Shetland pony is getting existence in Shetland isles since before year 1000 BCE i.e. Bronze era. There is estimation about Shetland pony i.e. the Norse colonist was doing crossbreeding with native stock breed with imported Ponies. There is one belief that says the Shetland ponies are influenced by Celtic pony horse breed.

The Shetland ponies are developed into rough climate and strain food. This situation creates them into hardy horse breed. Firstly Shetland Ponies were twitched cart; transmit peat, coal, and other items. They used into Ploughing the farm.

In the mid-19th century, there is the demand of coal is increased because of the Industrial revolution, thousands Shetland ponies are shifting in mainland Britain as a pit horses to do work in underground.

The United States are using Shetland ponies imported to do coal mining. The united states were stopping pony mine business in 1971.

Characteristics of Shetland ponies

Shetland ponies are short but, harsh and powerful horse breed. It is developed into the very hard situation. They are small headed, round face, broad eyes, and muscular neck, small and heedful ear. They are short but, intensive robust body, powerful legs.

They are available in different colors such as skewbald, piebald (pinto), black, chestnut, bay, grey, palomino, cremello, silver dapple. They hold height approximately 46 inches. They are 450 pounds weighted.

Uses of Shetland pony

It is used as a show horse, driving horse and riding horse. It is working in commercial management into fair & carnivals. They are using a guide horse.

Overview of Shetland Pony

Country of Origin Scotland
Scientific Name Equus caballus
Height Maximum 42 inches
Weight approximately 204 Kg.
Colour Pinto,
Characteristics short but harsh & powerful
small head, round face
broad eyes & heedful ear
intensive, robust body, & powerful legs
Uses Riding horse,
racing horse,
Working in commercial management into fairs and carnival,
guiding horse
Price price of shetland pony is stand between 400$ to 500$.


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