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Life is teaching every day and every time we learn how hard life. if you heart someone and search for sad lonely boy wallpaper and quotes then here are the best collection. 

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sad lonely boy quotes

"You don't have the right to give up, unless you've tried"

sad lonely boy hd wallpaper

Life is like a wind
We didn't see our fucher
Life is like a water 
We didn't test it 
But time is like a diamond 
Plz don't waste our time.....


sad lonely boy shayari

"You started leaving, I started living".

sad lonely boy drawing

I've won many things.
Except what I wanted most,
her heart.
The only thing I ever wanted was lost.
I know no one else will stay for me.
So, I lie here in wait.
To catch her if she falls.
But, I'll die happy 
if the last thing I remember is her smile.

sad lonely boy hd pic

Just remember, when someone walks out of your life,

 it’s not the end of your story.

It’s the end of their part in your story.

sad lonely boy dp

I wonder how the darkness makes you feel less alone…

sad lonely boy on street photo

It is better to die alone
than to die beside someone
who is relieved that you're gone

sad lonely boy status

It was that split second of beauty that left me breathless.
It was that split second of hatred that held me captive.
It was that split second of pain that left me helpless.
It was that split second of "forever" that left me endless.
And it was that spilt second of drowning that left me dead.

sad lonely boy tumblr

“Be still my tongue, for I know not what to say; 
My life is lived in darkness and here I will remain.”

sad lonely boy crying in rain

“Watch me from afar, don’t come any nearer.”

sad lonely boy

The only time I realized I fell in love with you was the only moment
 I found out that you had already belonged to someone else.

sad lonely boy pic

If life taught me anything, it taught me to never trust a man again. It taught me to never fall in love again. Because humans will always let you down.

Being alone might be better than being hurt a thousand times over and over again by the same person who never even gives you a glance.


sad lonely anime boy


“ they say "everything will be fine, just keep hoping" 
but the question is when? how? 
what if already lost hope in the beginning?

sad and lonely boy wallpapers

I'm sad alone 
no care in the world 
once i'm gone in to the darkness
you can never bring me back

sad and lonely boy

If only you understand. If only you walked in my shoes and from my point of view.

You do not realize how much I went through. Just for you.

sad and lonely boy quotes

You help your best friend the best you can to make them feel happy, 
you will be there for them when they need you... 
but in the end you will be left alone with your pain 
without anyone there to help you when you need them the most.

sad and lonely boy hd pic

I like sitting in the dark...
Cause It makes It easier to forget how lonely I am.

sad alone lonely boy

I think I'm ugly and nobody wants to love me. 
I am always all alone, no one beside me. 
That's why I accepted darkness, 
who wanted me even if it was for destruction...

feeling sad and lonely boy pictures

Distant, so far, destiny is selecting me
I can't be strong, life is disconnecting me
Now loneliness infecting me
Gone are the days, you were there protecting me !

feeling sad and lonely boy status

People always tell me that they love me..but when i am alone i just think do they really love me…??

sad lonely boy crying

I would rather die alone than to see a crowd attempting to talk me out of it; 
for they were not there when depression devoured my heart.

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