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Rocky Mountain Horse Breed Information for Sale

Rocky Mountain Horse Origination

The Rocky Mountain horse is principally originated to the USA. This breed is developed within the state Bluegrass State of us. Its name is Rocky Mountain horse however this horse isn’t originated from the Rocky Mountain. it’s originated from the Appalachians.

In the Late 1890, the inspiration male horse delivered to the jap Bluegrass State from the Western us. within the Late nineteenth century there square measure starting of Rocky Mountain breeding.
Breeding History of Mountain Horse

Eastern Bluegrass State is that the origination of Rocky Mountain horse, and it’s better-known for gaited breeds that created through Spanish horse (southern U.S.A..) and English horse (North yank Saddlebreds.).

The Spanish horse from Southern U.S.A. and English horse from North America square measure the parent horse of Tennessee saddle horse. it’s additionally originated from the Bluegrass State state.

In 1890, a foundation male horse of A Rocky Mountain horse was the person round the chain of mountains. it’s brought from the Rocky Mountain to the Appalachians as a colt. Thus, this horse breeds is thought as Rocky Mountain horse.

The native Saddle mare wont to breed the Rocky Mountain horse as a result of their breeding is in a very tiny native space, a neighborhood strain is rising to the origination.

By the employment of a foundation male horse to provide recent Tobe named horse and it’s additionally a contemporary father of Rocky Mountain horse.
Rocky Mountain Horse Breed Characteristics



Country of Origin

United States of America


about 64 inches.


about 450 Kg.


Silver Dapple

Breed Temperament

ambling gait
hardiness cold blood
good & calm nature
provide a smooth ride
attracting & gentle temperament


Pleasure horse
endurance riding
Show horses

Selling Price

Started from to 400$ to the 15,000$




The Spout Spring resident in Kentucky named Sam Tuttle to the old Tobe horse.   

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