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Percheron Horse is mainly originated in the “Husine” River Valley from the Western France. This horse breed is known for Harness racing very well. They are a part of Perche Erstwhile foundation. The name came from a foundation in which they are developed.

It is mainly used for Wars & it is the breed for their war ability. Sometime, they used for farming & to carry heavy weights.

History of Percheron Horse Breeding

Arabian Stallions and France’s native mare horse are the parent horse of Percheron Horse. In the 8th century, the Arabian Stallion horse crossed breeding with

During the 18th and 19th century, Arabian blood adds into the Percheron horse. They are beginning to export from the France to the US and other several countries.

The Percheron horse studbook was established in 1883. After 1st World War, France has to stop to export in the US. Percheron horse is draft horse breed. It is mainly originated in the France. It is developing in Percheron erstwhile perche foundation at huisne river valley in western France.

Characteristics of Percheron Horse breeding

They hold a height about 185 Cm. They hold a weight about 1179 Kg. They hold straight profile in their Body appearances. They also hold a wide forehead, big eyes, and tiny ears. The Percheron horse holds deep & muscled chest. Their legs are muscled and neat.

Their overall body appearance shows powerful and hardy. They are very intelligent horses. They are good workers and calm temperament. They are known for easy adapters any climate.

They hold different studbook in different countries i.e. France, America, the Great Britain.

In France Studbook:

Height About 185 cm.
Weight About 1200 Kg.

In USA studbook:

Height About 71 inches.
Weight About 860 Kg.

In Great Britain Studbook:

Height Around 168 cm.
Weight Around 1000 Kg.

Other Characteristics:

Colour Grey,
Body Appearance Big eyes
tiny ears
Wide forehead
Legs are well-muscled
broad chest
overall Streight body Profile



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