Northern Water Snake Facts

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                                    NORTHERN WATER SNAKE

The Northern Water Snake are  large non-venomous snakes and most common water snakes, native to North America.

Northern Water Snakes are widely found in Central And Eastern North America.  They are seen from Ontario to Quebec, Texas and Florida.Northern Water Snakes are considered as invasive species to the California.

The northern water snake is non venomous, but if cornered or captured, it will defend itself biting repeatedly, defecating and releasing a foul smelling musk. A large adult can inflict a painful bite and cause bleeding at bite site.

As their name indicates, these Northern Water Snakes are tend to live in the area with close proximity of water sources,much of fresh water  like rivers, lakes, streams, marshes.They can climb on the tree and rest on the trees in sunny days.They swim in shallow water during basking.

They are found basking on the rocks, near plant stems, brushes on the banks of water sources.

Northern water snakes have a narrower, rounder head, a longer, more slender body and a less distinctive neck Than the other venomous snakes. They are commonly mistaken as the venomous snakes like cotton mouth and are commonly killed by humans due to less distinguishing features.northern water snake pa

northern water snake nc

northern water snake nc

northern water snake

northern water snake michigan

 northern brown water snake

baby northern water snake

northern water snake bite

northern water snake bite 2018



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