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Mongolian horse breeds information and photos

The Mongolian horses are Mongolian native horse. A Mongolian horse is alleged that the breed isn’t for the most part ever-changing from the time of Emperor


There is a one Estimation that says 2.4 lakh years ago, there is a split between the Przewalski’s horse and E. ferus caballus Horse. People are using domestication for a long this horse. There is theory about Mongolian horse i.e. the mongolian horse is stock breed for different horses such as, Tuvinian, Akhaltekin, Yunan, Japanese, and Cheju.

mongolian horse facts:


There is a difference of Mongolian horse with different horses such as Japanese horse, Arab-Anglo/ Thoroughbred.

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There is the Mongolian horse cross breeding with an Arabian horse to give them more height to maintain their endurance qualities.

The Mongolian Horses are a healthy breed. The Breeders just need to maintain their daily routine and some vetarnary checkups.


The Mongolian horses are capable of performing different tasks very well. The Mongolian horse is similar to the Przwalski’s Horse.

The Mongal horse holds the Long tail. Mongolian horse run 10 Km without any break. The Mongolian Horse Can carry load up to 200 Kg. for 50-60 Km in a day.

Scientific Name Equus ferus caballus
Country of origin Mongolia
Ancestor’s Przwalski’s Horse


56 inches.


273 Kg.

Body type

short in height, large head, solidly build, Strong legs, long tail, hardy hooves, zebra stripe on legs, short neck


hardiness racing, milk& meat production, festivals, Hunting, Mountain Athletics, Racing, folk wrestling


Bay, Grey, White, Chestnut, Black, Dun, Palomino, Brown





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