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Miniature Horse Facts information & hd photos

Most of, Miniature horses are founds in Europe and America’s. The Miniature horses are behave friendly communicate with humans. There are two registry exist in the United States i.e. American Miniature Horse Association & American Miniature Horse Registry.

Breeding history of Miniature horse

In the early 1600’s, the miniature horses are found in Europe. The Miniature horses are used in coal mines in USA and Europe. The Shetland pony and Dartmoor pony are parent horse of Miniature horse. It is mostly meet in Europe and United states. It is very smaller horse breed.

Characteristics of Miniature Horse

The miniature horses are holding height approximately 34 to 38 inches. They are 225 pounds weighted. The Miniature horses are hardy and live long life. They are live approximately 35 years. It is small but strongest horse. It is meet in two common colour i.e. white and Brown.

Uses of Miniature horse

It is firstly used in coal mining industry. They are using in many activities. They are used as show horse, hunting, jumping, and driving horses.

Scientific Name Equus ferus caballus
Country of origin Argentina
Characteristics  Short in height


Live longer life

Height  38 inches.
Weight   225 pounds
Colour  White



Coal Mining


Show horse



Selling Price  200$ to 5000$

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