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Marwari Horse Breeds Information

The Marwari horse is also known as Malani. It is rarely meeting this Marwari horse breeds. It’s basically  belong to the Marwari area today known as Jodhpur in India.

It has hold weight up to  750 IBS to 1000 IBS i.e. 340.19 Kg. to 453.59 Kg. It can hold height about 14 to 16 hands for example 5ft to 8 inches to 6 ft to 3 inches.

marwari horse breed

            Colors and Similarity of Marvad Horse

It is found different color likewise black, bay, chestnut, roan, gray, and pinto and from that pinto color  is popular and favorite for breeders and buyers of this breed horse. The Marwari breed horses are commonly in white color only for the religious purpose.

This horse breed is popular because of  their inward tuning ear tips. This breed horse is similar to the Kathiawari  horse breed. The Marwari horse breed is having good active potential.

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History Facts about Marvada Horse

The Marwari horse breed is the hybrid breed of Arabian horses and native Indian ponies with the feature of Mongolian influence. Rathods people hold the Marwari horse.

These horses were known as RASALO in the 12th century. This horse is known for their loyalty and bravery in war. In the 1930s, because of the poor management practices, the Marwari breed horses were going less. In 1995, the breed society formed Marwari horse breed for Marwar society.

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Uses and Export allowance

The Marwari horses famous  for  farming and light drought as well as to ride and to pick the carrier follower. The Marwari horses are banned for export purposes. In between 200 to 2006, the government has allowed to export them but in small numbers.

marwari horse colors

 Body Figure and Physic

Marwari horses have a straight face. It has hold ear is inside curved and medium sized. It has designed and long neck. It has deep chest and muscle and it owns angular shoulders.

It has to hold slim leg and well-formed leg. These groups have held hardy and keepers. This breed is stalwart and unpredictable.

Comparative Facts and Interrelation with other breeds

There is a small difference between a Kathiyawari breed and Marwari breed. The Kathiyawari horse  is smaller than Marwari breed.

The Marwari horse breed is a hybrid  of the Arabian breed horse as well as Indian ponies. In that, the native Indian ponies were small and hardy than the other breed.

The Arabian breed horses also have hardiness. But by their combination, the poor conformation of native Indian ponies is insufficient strength  in war So the Marwari breed is developed for this purpose in India  in the same manner.

There are some capacity of Mongolian horse breed characteristics because there is Best phenomenon at Kutch sea shore, the Arabian Ship is breaking down. The Horses come into the Kutch district but they are also transferred from Kutch to other places of Marwar afterwards.

Marwari horses come into Kutch district, but then they are transferred from Kutch to Marwar district. They have seven Arabian good breeding horses.

These species were transferred into Marwar  purpose to born Marwar breed horses. The seven horses possibly is a hybrid breed from Afghanistan border as well as Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

Genetic History and Detailed information

In the early era of the British Timing, the last war to them for independence. The Marwari horses are going to downfall Because of  poor management practices of their.

Some of the Hybrid processes are responsible for less number in Marwadi Horse breed. In 2001, only some of thousand horses are remain pure varieties of Marwadi group which is identified and one research is conducted to identify different such species.

There is only six different genetics were available in India some breeds were Indian and non-Indian of these horses. There are 6 different breeds were listed out on the basis of Genetic  such as Marwari, Kathiawari, Spiti pony, Bhutiya pony, Manipuri pony, and Zanskari. The six different breed were known for their own character.

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marwari horse breed


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marwari horses for sale

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