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Lotus Clip Art

Lotus is a type of floating aquatic plant of the genus Nelumbo. It is also known as Indian lotus because it represents a national flower of India. Lotus originates from southern parts of Asia and Australia, but it can be found in aquatic cultures throughout the world today. Lotus lives in shallow and murky ponds and lakes that are exposed to direct sunlight. It cannot survive in colder climates. Lotus is a symbol of beauty, grace, purity, and serenity. Since this plant is numerous both in the wild and in the culture, it is not on the list of endangered plants.

In general, the Lotus flower is mainly considered as a symbol of rebirth since it rises from darkness and turns into a beautiful flower with pink and white petals much like a human being born from nothing and turning into something complete and beautiful.

 Lotus can reach only 49 inches in height but it spreads 10 feet horizontally (width). A flower can reach 8 inches in diameter. Lotus is either pink or white in color. Petals are shaped like a dagger. They are arranged in several layers. Lotus flower protrudes several inches above the water. This flower is known for its beautiful odor.

The flower opens in the morning and closes at night. Lotus was a symbol of sun, rebirth, and creation in ancient Egypt because of this unusual behavior which marks the beginning and the end of the day.

Lotus Clip Art Flower Image Free


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