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The Long Billed Corella is a white Australian cockatoo. A Long beak, orange-red feathers around eyes and chest and  yellow backside of the wings and the tail are the characteristic features of a Long Billed Corella.

The Long Billed Corella is the best talker among all the cockatoos. It is a  popular pet in Australia.The Landing of the Long Billed Corella is an eye catching feature.


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The Long Billed Corella has white,  medium sized stocky body. The length is about 38 to 42 cm and it weighs around 550 to 650 gm. The bird has 80 to 90 cm wingspan.

The white body with orange-red feathers around eyes and chest make them more attractive. The long beak is pale in color and make Long Billed Corella distinctive from Little Corella and short billed Corella. The eyes have e featherless blue ring. The underside of the feathers at wings and tail has a yellowish tint. The tail is relatively short.


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Scientific Name

 Cacatua tenuirostris


550 to 650 gm


38 to 42 cm


roots, seeds, corns, sunflower seeds and dig the roots of weeds mostly onion grass


white body with orange-red feathers, wings and tail has a yellowish tint




The Long Billed Corellas are native to Australia. They also live in wild  in Wales and in Victoria. The Long Billed Corella is a famous  feral bird in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart and in Western Australia. They are gradually expanding their range.

This Corella is found on trees, grassland, grazing grounds, parks, farms and on the cliffs near beaches.

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The Long Billed Corella has a typical long beak used to dig for roots and seeds. They feed on roots, seeds, corns, sunflower seeds and dig the roots of weeds mostly onion grass. They also eat fruits and some insects. They mostly feed in groups of large number.

The Long Billed Corellas are highly active and highly social birds. They feed together, and are all time busy  in digging activity or playing with each other. They also associate with other cockatoos. Because of sharp long beak and their digging  tendency, these birds can seriously damage the crops in the farms and they can even damage to the power lines. Sometimes permit is taken to shoot the bird and called as Agricultural Pests. The group of Long Billed Corellas  digs  holes in the sport ground in the search of food and creates trouble.


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The Long-Billed Corellas are well known for their intelligence and their best talkative ability. They can imitate the words. They can even mimic the sentences fluently and are popular pets in Australia. They make quick calls sounding like ‘Cadilac Cadilac’,  ‘Wulluk Wulluk’. But when irritated, they screech harshly.

As a pet, the Long Billed Corella is an attention seeking bird.  It gets bored easily and makes harsh noises until given attention. They are of playful nature, they play with balls and other toys. They like to live in a pair and remain happy with the mate.

Regular grooming is needed to keep their white feathery body clean and sound.


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The Long-Billed Corellas form monogamous pairs. The mating occurs around July to November. The pair together built a nest and take care of their babies. The female lays 2 to 3 white eggs and incubation is of 24 days.The chicks stay in the nest with their parents for 2 months.


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