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Orca is that the scientific name of grampus. typically they’re not attack on individual. they’re offensive to the shipping animal like, ocean lions and whale. The grampus is finding the diad within the air and sea-shore. they’re invariably looking put off shore or in air. To kill their prey by their stronger teeth this is often four inches longer.

Killer whale is enclosed in mammals. it’s identified for his or her Long dorsal fins. Behind the fin hold patch of gray color i.e. referred to as saddle. The killer whale’s body seem like a cylindrical and tapers.

It is a largest variety species in dolphin family. it’s weight up to five,443 Kg. they grows up to thirty two feet.


In ocean worlds, killer whales board oceans round the bone countries. they’ll live simply in any climate. They don’t board one region. They prefer to travel for long distance journey in ocean. they’ll live at equator, north South Pole region. they’re motion whole journey waters off mode. they’ll terminate regarding 2000 klick.


The grampus lives in cluster of forty members is termed pods. within the Dolphin family, there area unit 2 form of pods. A resident pods i.e. less Aggressive and that they like fish for food. second is Transient pods could be a aggressive and that they victimisation Marine mammals as a food.


Scientific Name Orcinus Orca
Mass/Weight Female – 5400 Kg.
Male – 2700 Kg.
Life Span Female – 29 Years
Male – 17 years
Food Sea Mammals
Sea turttle
Sea Bird

Aliment/ Food:

The Killer Whale peak trapper. at top food chain. Killer whale eat Sea bird, octopus, squid, turtles, sharks, and fish. They use marine mammals as food. They also eat Moose as per sea world.


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