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The Killer Whales are found in an extremely wide range in the oceans worldwide. The Killer Whale is the fastest marine mammal. The Orcinus orca The Killer Whale is the fastest marine mammal This dolphin kills whale and other cetaceans and it is named killer whale.

The scientific name of the killer whale is Orcinus orca. Now they are commonly known as ‘Orca’, as the killer whale is a confusing term.

The killer whale is highly social and highly predatory dolphin and is known for its group hunting.


killer whale pictures
Killer whale in blue water


The body of the Orca is heavy, long cylindrical and stocky. The dorsal fin is relatively longer and a distinguishable feature. This dolphin has quite long and conical teeth. The tail is triangular in shape. The Orca has dark black back and white chest and belly. White patches behind eyes vary in different species. The white patch behind the dorsal fin is known as saddle patch.

The Orca grows up to 23 to 30 ft in the length; the calf is about 8 to 9 ft in length. The killer Whale weighs about 5300 kg and the calf weighs about 120 to 150 kg.killer whale underwater




The Killer Whales can adjust to any temperature. They are seen in all oceans and in almost all seas. They are seen in warmer water around high latitudes  and cooler water of Arctic Ocean. The Orcas are found in North Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, around coasts of Iceland and Faroe Islands, the Antarctic Ocean, Gulf of Alaska, Gulf of Mexico, the Indian Ocean, Canadian Arctic Ocean, from South America to North Africa. The Killer Whales are found in the Black sea, Yellow sea, Arabian Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

killer whale attacks

The Orcas are highly migratory; they travel to a long distance in search of food. They swim very fast with speed of 50 to 55 km/h.killer whale pictures



Scientific Name

Orcinus  orca


23 to 30 feet


3000 to 5300 kgs


small fishes, squids, seals, sea birds, other cetaceans and marine mammals like whales


dark black back and white chest and belly, White patches behind eyes and saddle patch

killer whale facts



Their fast pace and sharp teeth help them to catch their prey. They catch their prey in pods. The Orca is highly predatory and comes on the top of food chain. They can eat all the livings found in their surroundings. The diet of the Killer Whale ranges from small fishes to large mammals like Baleen whales.

The Diet of The Killer Whales includes small fishes, squids, seals, sea birds, other cetaceans and marine mammals like whales. The diet of the Orcas differs greatly as per their group and habitat.killer whale




The Killer Whales show complex social culture. Some of them show very strong bonding and live in larger pods referred as Resident Killer Whales. These killer Whales are less aggressive and mostly feed on small preys. The sounds and other communicative methods are unique to a group or pod.

The other kind of Killer Whales known as Transient Killer Whales are more aggressive and live in smaller pods and highly predatory. They hunt the prey in the groups. They mostly eat the other cetaceans and whales.

They jump out of the water and perform breaching

killer whale underwater


The gestation period is about 17 months. The Female Killer Whales matures at 10 years of age and gives birth to a single calf every 5 to 6 years. It nurses the calf for 2 years. Mating can occur any time of the year. The lifespan of Female Killer Whale is about 50 years and that of Male Killer Whale is about 30 years.

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The IUCN has listed the Orca as “Data Deficient” but near costal region of U.S. this species is considered as  endangered.

The contamination of sea water with chemicals and oil spillage, pollution of  sea water, Whaling, over fishing have led to depletion of the food. Increased boating, sea traffic and noise pollution due to navigation are the major threats to The Killer Whales.

killer whale facts

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