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The Irish Sport horse also known as Irish Draught Sport Horse. The Irish hunter is a crossed breeding between Irish draught and European thoroughbred Warmblood breed. It is recognised as Separate breed characteristics.


This breed is mainly belongs to Ireland. This horse breeds is holding characteristics of two different breeds in that they are holding sensitivity and honesty from the Irish draught and athletic, sufferance of the thoroughbred.


These horses are holding any colour because its own non draught parent genes. It holds a height about 173 cm. it owns good honour, calm nature, and very tough living. The weight of this horses is about


During the British Show hunter and working hunter competition this breed divided into three types of Irish sports horses- light weight, middle weight, heavy weight. In this Light weight is carrying riding weight about 70 Kg, middle weight is carrying riding weight about 89 kg, heavy weight is carrying riding weight more than 89 Kg.


This characteristics is helping to them into participate in hunting and riding activity. Jumping trait of Irish sport horse needs improvement. High withers are evident of Thoroughbred in many cases.

The Irish sport horse is holding muscular body with muscular long neck, gradient shoulders, deep and broad chest, intensive and short neck, brawny croup with potent hindquarters. They hold talus and tall croup.


These horses are known for riding competition. It is also working in Jumping Show because of their jumping and athletic talent of jumping.


These horses have talent of eventing and fox hunting. It uses in defence system of Britain and Ireland. In World Federation for Sport Horses this breed is ranking in eventing. This horse breed win 8 time in 10 years competition.


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