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Icelandic Horse Breed:- information HD wallpaper

 Introduction of Icelandic Horse:-

This horse breed belongs to Iceland. This breed is developed from ponied brought to Iceland by norse setlers. The extreme cold climate of Iceland has naturally selected this species over more than 100 years of breeding.  It’s one of the purest breeds of horses. The uneven ground of highland of Iceland has more acceptance of horses like Icelandic horses.Icelandic horses photos

Body characteristics:-

The climate of Iceland makes this horse  breed very tough. It has a straight profile with the nice head facing with a broad forehead, mane and tail are full of hairs, legs are short but too strong.  This breed has got thick and double layered coat. This  pony breed has the height of around 130-148 cm and weight about 330 to 380 kg.

Scientific Name Equus ferus caballus
Country of origin Iceland
height 130-148 cm
Weight 330 to 380 kg.
Body type straight and tough structure
Uses riding, jumping, shows and games






Food Nuts, cereals, grains and powders should be mixed with ‘chop’
Price $ 2000 onwards


Icelandic horses pics

Colors and Gaits:-

This Icelandic breed comes in many colors including chestnut, black, bay, pinto, and Grey. Unlike the other horses, this breed performs fine gaits and this breed performs one gait called Tolt, rising both front legs and then one leg on the ground at the time is Tolt. This gait and other adorable gaits make riding most comfortable and stable on the even or uneven ground of Iceland. They make the rider feel so lively.

Icelandic horses images

Icelandic horses wallpaper

Uses of this Breed:-

Iceland has strict exporting rules for this horse breed. Once exit the country, these Horses can’t enter in  Iceland again and followed by import of other horses should be pure and healthy. Icelandic horses are used for riding, jumping, showing active participation in many shows and games. People in Iceland fond of meat of this breed, they say it’s too delicious than any other animal. This breed is highly fertile and lifespan is long so until they are  7 to 8 years,  they are not allowed to ride.


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