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Need Means want someone for our life. Generally need is Necessary, requirement. and want.  If you looking  I Need U Images then here in this post I am going to Introduce I Need U Images With Quotes For Facebook. You may learn about Images of I need you in my life, I need u images with quotes, I need you quotes and sayings for him, I need u quotes for her, I need u quotes in Hindi, love quotes for him from the heart.


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I need you like a cup of coffee in the morning.

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I need you like this planet needs the sun to live another day.


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I need you like sails need the wind: I can do without you, but then it’s existence, not life.

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I need you like a drowning man needs a gulp of air.

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They say Google know everything, but I bet there’s still one thing it doesn’t know: how much I need you.

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If I was to choose what I need more: you or my next heartbeat, my last words would have been “I love you”.


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I need you so much, and I’m constantly asking myself if this is true the other way around. Please tell me that it is.

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How come your girlfriend says she loves you but keeps pushing you away? Well, maybe she just needs you to pull her closer.

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I love it when you call me or text me without any reason and when you stop by without saying a word because this way I know you need me as much as I need you.

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A little tip for guys: if you live with your girlfriend and you have an argument, don’t worry, just go quietly to the kitchen and make sure all the jars are closed super tight and get back to whatever you were doing. She’ll come to seek your help in no time.

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I need you so much that I don’t stop thinking about you for even a second. I’m obsessed with you. You are my biggest itch, my sorest sore, my strongest desire.

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They say that you’re much more frustrated when we have lots of things and lack few than when we have little and long for many things. Well, then I must be the most frustrated man in the world because I have everything and I just need you.

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Sometimes those that we most need to go happen to be the ones we most want to stay.

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Without you, my life is not complete. The nature is still beautiful, work is still exciting, exercise is still fun, but something is missing.

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Don’t ever think that you need someone who doesn’t need you.

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The time I spend with you, even if it’s a whole day, is never enough, and I end up needing you more than I did before that day began.

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I need you like a bird needs wings, like a fish, needs water, like a man needs air to breathe. I’m pathetic without you.

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There are times when I really need you by my side, and somehow these times never end.

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Need is how you understand you’re alive. Needing you is how I understand I’m in love.

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What is the difference between a lover and a friend? You love both and you need both… Well, there is no difference. In the best case scenario, a lover is, in fact, your best friend. And the best friends you are attracted to inevitably turn into lovers.

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I need you. Actually, it’s more than that, I don’t just need you: I want you.

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