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Haflinger Horses photos and information

The Haflinger is also known as Avelignese. It is strictly originated from the European country and north European country throughout nineteenth century. it’s tiny breed from Hafling of Tirol region of European country.Hafling of Tyrol region of Italy. The gaits are small, strong and well muscled. Untill 1945 this breed was used in central Alps region followed by over 20,000 Halflingers are registered presently in U.S.Haflinger | Pictures, Information, and Reviews - Horse


Appearance and Characteristics

It looks beautiful with their unique gaits, energetic smoothness, well-muscled body. When these horses come at their middle, The Haflinger horses show their ancestry marks. They are also known for their hardiness. They are grouped under the training and uses. This Stallions are intelligent, multi talented, excellent deposition and sensible. The mane and tail are straight and flexible. The back is muscular and long, The legs are clean and powerful knees. This group is athletic, energetic and elastic balanced forehead.

This way improves the breed quality of horses in different countries. There ar stud center in several countries however most of those horse breeds comes from European nationhaflinger horse temperament


There are many theories for their origin. They are developed in the mountain area. Their current behaviour shows that the conformation and out of doors appearance of those horses like associate Arabian and European breeds. it’s height concerning fifteen hands (60 inches)horses for sale on craigslist



Avelignese Horse (Height and Weight)

they holds deep chest, broad leg, flat knees, Powerful muscled body. It holds weight about 476 Kg. The average weight of this species is 1050 pounds which 25 pounds heavier than the average horse weight.Haflinger Horse Breed


Haflinger horses (History Facts)

The foundation ancestors, the folie was born in 1874. In 1904 the first breeders was incorporated.

All Haflinger horses will trace their kindred through one among seven bloodiness. At the time of Second war, the horse breeders ar indiscriminately with different breeds. attributable to the Breeders afraid that the horses ar repealhaflinger horse facts


At the time of Second World War, the horse breeders are indiscriminately with other breeds. Because of the Breeders scared that the horses are repeal. However, In 1946, the breeders focused on horses breeds production.haflinger horse temperament



Austria and Northern Italy

Horse Blooded type

Warm blooded


endurance and general riding, dressage, shoe events and vaulting


15 hands (60 Inches)


1050 pounds

Selling price

$ 2000 onwards (Haflinger Pony for Sale)


haflinger pony for sale

Uses and Temperament

These horses are using in riding and tract relates work in Austria Germany defence system. The World Haflinger Federation is managing these horse breeds. This WHF is obtaining guided to the horse breeders for highest quality horse breeds.About Haflinger Horses



This is a warmblooded variety uses in vaulting, general riding, dressage, show jumping and endurance riding.Breed History | American Haflinger Registry


Haflinger Horses (Colors)

It is chestnut in color always but sometime it is in golden and liver hued. The mane and tail are always white or flaxen in color.

haflinger horses wallpaper





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