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HACKNEY HORSE (Introduction)

The Hackney Horse breed has originated in England. Due to their stunning look, heavy built, nice pace, discipline and style; These Hackney Horses have gained greater fame worldwide. The most eye-catching feature of this horse breed is its high stepping trot with great elegance.

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                                    HISTORY VIEW

The hackney horse breed was developed from Norfolk trotters and Yorkshire horses. Norfolk trotters and  Yorkshire horses were known for their great size, speed and trot and were mean of transportation in their time. The Hackney horses also developed these features in addition to attractive look and heavy build. King of England used this breed for pulling  a carriage and driving.

 This horse breed was bred with Arabian horses and Thoroughbred horse, And the Hackney horses of today are developed. The developed horses are gentle, tough and heavy in build, multi talented and stylish.

This breed was imported to America in the late 19th century. Different  ponies were bred with Hackney horse  and Hackney Ponies were developed which can live in harsh condition and can be used for pony show events and competitions.

Hackney Horse (Origin) England
Common Uses Endurance riding, General riding, jumping and dressage events etc.


14 to 16 hands


1000 pounds


$ 850 onwards

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                               BODY BUILT, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, COLORS

The Hackney horses are warm blooded, solid and heavy in build with well proportioned head, muscular neck, muscular and slanting shoulders and good length of back. Their eyes are round and expressive, ears are alert. The legs of this breed are medium and strong, joints are tough and flexible. The tail is high set and the horses are disciplined to carry it high during the walk and show events.

The height of this breed ranges 14 hands to 16 hands. This horse variety weighs about 1000 lbs.

The Hackney Horse breed comes dark brown, black, bay,chestnut colors; mostly in darker shades. White markings are common to this breed.


The Hackney Horse breed is calm, gentle and attention seeking breed. They are highly trainable and Experienced riders or owners are needed to handle these horses easily. Once they become used to the owners, they become mild mannered, easily trainable and disciplined. They show their sharp, active attitude  and talent in every way as the owners expect from them.

The Hackney horses like to be taken care of. Regular grooming is necessary to keep them healthy and clean.Regular grooming also increase their bond with the owner.hackney_horse pics and images



As previously mentioned, this horse breed was used in carriage pulling,driving,riding and farming. After technical development in transportation, their role in transportation got finished.

Nowadays The Hackney Horse breed has become famous for show events. These horses are used in dressage, general riding, endurance riding, show jumping.hackney_horse pictures and wallpics



The Hackney Horse breed has a combination of strong legs and flexible knee joints. The horses perform high stepping trot by high knee and hock action.They forcefully bend front legs at knee joint up to the chin level.Hind legs coordinate front legs with similar rapid movements.This breed performs the trot with elegance in rhythmic, disciplined, stylish and spirited way.

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