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Gypsy Horse Introduction

The Gypsy Horse is a solid build horse and other names are Iris Cob, Gypsy Cob, Iris Horse, Gypsy Vanner and Iris Vanner. This Stallion has no known health issues as such but owners should have to maintain the health status and organize regular Health check ups. This species was originated from Ireland and Britain. Gypsy cobs were imported to United States in 1996.


 Gypsy Cob History Review

The Gypsy (Iris)  Cob was arrived as vardoes ( a Cart with Staying Capacity ) in Great Britain in 1500 A.D.s. Gypsy Vanner Horses are Imported to Britain after the second world war, before that they were used in pulling a cart or vardo on roads and high hills.


Gypsy Gold Horses (History Facts)

This Stallion were bred by Romani people of great Britain. They used this horses to pull vardo. They started to live in Vardos around 1850’s and continued till early 20th century. This group was trained for different aspects of caravan pulling. The Vardos were the home for Romani people and Gypsy Horses were used to pull the Vardos so Romani people took great care of these horses. Good Temperament, kind nature in combination of hardiness made this variety not only useful for pulling Vardos but good companion of Romani family and safe for children.


These horses were a part of family and followed by permanent status symbol in society. Roma bred, The Gypsy Horses for their unique color, strong bones, smaller height and having good working ability. This breed is developed by Cross Breeding of Connemara Pony and Irish Drought. Iris Cob were used for farming and ploughing in its native land. This Iris Vanner Horses were arrived in America in 1997 and the Stud Book was established in 1996.


Country of origin
Ireland and Britain

Gypsy Cob Common Uses

Jumping, General Riding, Show events and Dressage etc.

Gypsy Horse Height

About 15 hands (60 inches)

irish cob horse Weight

1500 pounds which si 375 pounds heavier than other group 

Gypsy Vanner Price

$ 800 onwards

Uses and Colors of Gypsy Vanner

This Stallion is multi talented and capable of performing various activities or tasks very well so most common works are as follows

  1. Dressage
  2. Driving
  3. Horse Events
  4. Games and Shows                                                                                                                   
  5.   Most common colors are Blagdon (with white blasses), Skewbalds ( Red /brown and white pinto) and Piebalds( Black and White Pint ).

       Height, Weight and Temperament of Vanner Horse

The Height of this breed is about 15 hands or 60 inches which is the average normal height and Weight is around 1400 pounds which is 376 pounds more than average horse breed. They are cold blooded horses with quite, calm, soft and attractive in look.



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