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Also named as Goldie’s Tree Cobra. It is one of the longest snakes in Africa. It is one of the two tree cobras found in the Central and Western Africa.

The venom of the Goldie’s Tree Cobra contains fast-acting toxins and the snakes are considered to have one of the most toxic venoms of the African snakes. The bite if the Goldie’s Tree Cobra is rare but then they are one of the deadly snakes of Africa.

The Goldie’s Tree Cobra is a member of the Elapidae family and genus Pseudohaje.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pseudohaje goldii

gold tree cobra

gold's tree cobra

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gold's tree cobra images

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gold's tree cobra photo



The Goldie’s Tree Cobra is large, long and arboreal cobra of Africa.The cylindrical body of the Goldie’s Tree Cobra terminates in the long, tapering tail. The tail is quite long and contains spikes to make the better grip on the branches of the trees.The head is small and eyes are enlarged providing good vision.

The Goldie’s Tree Cobra grows up to 7.2 to 8.9 ft in length.The body is black colored and covered with glossy scales.





Goldie’s Tree Cobras are found in Central and Western African countries like the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameron, Ghana, Gabon.

The snakes are strict arboreal, rarely found on the ground.The Goldie’s Tree Cobra is seen in forests, woodlands along rivers and streams.




The Goldie’s Tree Cobra snakes mostly eat birds, eggs of birds and mammals and rodents. They also eat amphibians like frogs and toads and fishes.






Goldie’s Tree Cobra is a highly arboreal snake and rarely found on land. The spiked tail of Goldie’s Tree Cobra is useful for quick and graceful moves on the trees and they can move very fast among the branches of the trees.The cobra is much dependent on the spiked tail while making fast movements on the branches and while sleeping on trees.

As The Goldie’s Tree Cobra is strict arboreal it rarely comes to contact people.The snakes enjoy their arboreal life calmly without human interference. When threatened they flattened the neck and spread it like the hood and hiss loudly.

The Goldie’s Tree Cobras are quite aggressive when provoked and can attack and bite to the provoker on slight disturbance and irritation. The venom is highly toxic so the bite can be fatal.





The Bites of Goldie’s Tree Cobra are very rare but the venom of Goldie’s Tree Cobra is highly toxic and potentially lethal. The venom contains neurotoxins and considered to be one of the most toxic and deadly venoms of the African snakes. The toxins have fast and rapid action after insertion in the body.

As these snakes live in the dense forest and are secretory the antivenom is not developed yet.Local swelling and pain after a bite is there at the bite site.The rapid action of venom has systemic symptoms like numbness, drowsiness, breathing difficulty, sweating, perspiration, and loss of coordination. The victim mostly dies due to respiratory failure.




Like other snakes, The Gold’s Tree Cobra is oviparous, the female lays eggs after mating. The number of eggs is about 10 to 20 eggs in a clutch.


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