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Scientific Name:-   Phyllobates terribilis

Common Name:-   Golden Poison Frog

Type:-   Amphibians

Lifespan:-   10 years

Diet:-   Carnivores

Size:-   1 inch

Weight:-   1 OunceFrog image mint green pic


The Golden Poison Frogs are considered to be the most poisonous frogs in the world. A bigger Species of this group has enough Poison  to kill Ten human. In the ancient time the people of Colombia have  used this venom on the blowgun dart for hunting.

These dark colored species are the largest among 100 Poisonous Dart Frog Species. They live in the Pacific coast of the Colombia.Though these are the  small range species and wide spread in the rain forest. 


Frog image yellow orangePhyllobates Terribilis Diet

 The Golden Poison Frog are taking their nutrition from flies, crickets, beetles, ants and termites who are easily available in the rain forest areas where these poisonous frogs are living.

Though they are smaller breeds but can feed any larger  species more than  the frog’s size  for the purpose of diet. Tadpoles of this group basically feed from the mosquitoes, algae and larvae.


Frog image mint green 2018Golden Poison Frog Habitat

The Golden Poison Frog is mainly found in endemic rain forests which is humid in nature. The range of area of their place to live is about 5000 km.

The Female Golden Poison Frogs are laid down their eggs in this atmosphere followed by the Male Frogs who are transporting the tadpoles to its permanent pools.

Frog image yellow

  Golden Poison Frog Colors

The Golden Poison Frog mainly found in three different colors such as Mint Green, Yellow and Orange.

  1.  Mint Green:-   The Mint Green Frogs are found in Colombia portion and they are also found in Pale Green, White and Metallic Green, too. Here these species are Mint Green color which is rare seen but considered in the major population.
  2. Yellow:-   These can be pale yellow to dark in texture. Genetic consideration proven that frogs are unique to its look and view.
  3. Orange:-   This group color is not coming under the common species as compared to other two colored species. This variety is also having Metallic Orange and Yellow Orange in colors.

Frog image dit yellow

Poison not the Venom  

The Golden Poison Frog’s skin is coated with the alkaloid toxins which most poisonous substance. This Poison leads to the inactive form of the muscles in the Prey’s body followed by the Heart Failure.

These Golden Poisonous Frogs are Poisonous not the Venomous because Venomous species are inserting their venom through the fangs or spines but This breeds is using its Poison for the self defense and not to kill prey. 

It has a milligram of poison which can kill about 10,000 mice. This is roughly range can kill 10 to 15 Human or 2 big African Bull Elephant in a single dose.  The Golden Poison Frog is stores its poison the skin glands like the other poisonous frogs, so whenever any predator tries to catch this frog species they are going to die after touching or consuming it.

Frog image yellow new


Human, it is the only factor for extinction of this frog species as well as many other animals because they are doing deforestation and misusing the tropical Rain Forest areas which leads the endangered this group on the earth.


Frog image orange

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