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Friesian Horse Breed Information & HD Pics

The Friesian Horses breeds facts area unit most well-liked for his or her Black coat color.However, the black color is not only the special in the Friesian horse but sometime chestnut color is also attractive in them. Freisian stallion is from Netherland (Frieslsnd). In early middle ages these groups was used as Armour and were heavier in look so used in drought in the field of dressage. These Holstein-Friesian Horses also are referred to as as Belgian Black Horses. The Frisian Black Horses area unit normally known by its dark black color and area unit often Chest Nut in Color.

The Friesian (Frizian) Horse Colors and Characteristics

and are occasionally Chest Nut in Color. Till 1930 ’s solely Black and Bay coloured Frisian Horses were seen to everyone however currently a days to acknowledge the initial character breed, the register department began to show a Star Mark on Forehead of these horses. In this Stallion no white colored spot or presence of white marking has seen till days. Sometime, the register of those horses by their chestnut color . The chestnut dairy cow horses don’t exist as chestnut genetic In 1990 the Friesian mare gets birth of chestnut Friesian horse.Friesian horse

Frizian Horses Body Features

This class horses has sensible bony structure and muscular shoulders with sturdy body build. This species has short ears and Spanish sort head. They have short and strong legs, Long Silky Hairs on whole body. It has straight body figure with slopped shoulders to move fast forward. The mane and tail are long and thick.

Origin Friesland (Netherland)
Height 17 hands
Weight 1500 pound
Uses Dressage, Racing, Games and General Riding.
Color Dark black in color with curl hairs

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The Friesian Horse (Height and Weight )

The Holstein-Friesian horses square measure seventeen hands tall that shows that Stallions square measure taller than different Horse breed The weight of this species is around 1500 pounds which shows that these teams square measure five hundred pounds heavier than alternative Horse varieties.Friesian Horse breed wall pics

Friesian Horses Health Issues

This Horse breed is at risk of Four medical unhealthiness like :- genetic defect, abnormalcy, Tendency of artery rupture and Mega-esophagus. like alternative drought breeds ar additional susceptible to skin issues like Verrucous os DermatopathyFrisian horse wallpapers


The Fizian Black Horse Uses and Temperament

This cluster breed is heat full-blooded, This biological group terribly|is extremely|is incredibly} serious in weight still very kind, active, docile, sharp and really straightforward to handle. Due to its various and versatile talents these black horses square measure capable to perform varied show events like equestrian sport, Racing, Games and General Riding.photos Friesian horse

The Friesian Horse (History Facts)

In Ancient Time, this horse breed was utilized in war as a result of its serious body build, currently a days this Battle Arm Cart Horses square measure modified to become lighter due to use in Urban Carriage in Agriculture. Till 17th century the Belgian Black Stallion was used for purpose of war and battle but 18th century onwards. It has been useful in Farming. Beautiful Pictures of Sunflowers with High ResolutionsFriesian horse photos

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