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Family Tree

The first family tree design was thought to have originated with a medieval art that depicted the Tree of Jesse, or the illustrated the genealogy of Jesus Christ, as revealed in a prophecy made by by Isaiah. The other notable family tree illustrations depicted Boccaccio’s Genealogical Deorum Gentilum, or the “Genealogy of the Gods of the Gentiles, which dates back to 1360.

According to genealogy experts and researchers, the family of famed Chinese philosopher Confucius (551 – 479 BC) is considered to be the longest family tree in the world. Confucius was a descendant of the great King Tang, of the Tang dynasty, and his family tree spans more than eighty generations. It also includes more than two million members. In 1998, a global undertaking was initiated to retrace, as well as revise, this very famous family tree.

A family tree is generally a chart that visually represents family relationships, and is designed in a conventional tree structure. A family tree is also called a genealogy chart. Family trees are often made in such a way that the oldest generations are located at the top, while the younger or newer generations are located at the bottom.

There are different family tree designs, from ancestry chart to descendant charts, and more. In an ancestry chart, the person appears on the left side, while his ancestors are placed on the right. In a descendant chart, a person’s descendants are all depicted narrowly on the top. Here are other equally interesting facts about the family tree.

Family Tree Clip Art


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