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Fjord Horse Breeds Information Facts colors and HD Images

Fjord Horse breed has its root in Norway but has gained popularity all over the world. This Norwegian Fjord Horse is popular for its adorable appearance, great strength, mild temperament and highly active nature.  Fjording horse Species is tough and strong in build in spite of having relatively smaller height. This Fjordhest breed is quite heavy.

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Fjord Horse Breeds Information photosHow looks Norwegian Fjord Horse breeders?

Breeding history of  Fjord Horse

The head is flat with a broad forehead. The legs are short and strong. Mine is thick and heavy. It’s Trimmed to keep it straight and erect. Mane and tail are darker in shade than a coat. These Fjord Horse breed performances three gaits very well.

Breeding history of Fjord Horse photo


Fjord Horse Temperament in Facts

This Fjord breed is warm blooded, so it has hardiness and mild temperament.  This breed comes only in one color -Dun.  Almost all horses are of brown sun shade, very few have other shades red, white, yellow dun color. Their mane and tail have slightly darker shade than a coat.Height is about 15 hands and weight 1045 lbs.

The lifespan of this breed is about 25 to 30 yrs. This horse breed was 1st time seen in America around the 1900s. Due to the adverse result of cross breeding on this horse was banned many yrs ago. In recent times the horses with small star-like white marking are allowed for breeding otherwise such relative breeding is a reason for the unique, perfect and pure appearance of Fjord horse breed.Fjord Horse pics


Fjord Horse Chronicle & Charactristics(Facts)

Scientific Name Norwegian Fjord Horse, Fjording, Fjordhest,  Fjord Horse, Fjord
Country of origin  Norway
Common Uses     Dressage,  General,    Riding,     Jumping,     Mounted, Athletics,     Work,

Fjord Horse


   15 to 16.2 hands

Fjording horse Weight

      900 lbs

  Fjord Horse Price


Fjord Horse images

This is used for riding, driving and show events, also performs fine work in Olympic sports events. This horse breed is highly active and all time ready to perform all kind of activities nearby owner with good manners and live attitude.Fjord Horse hd photo

This horse breed is used for heavy farming work, pulling heavy loads over mountains of Norway from hundreds of years.  This horse breed is suitable for many kinds of work because of short height. This type of horses can be ridden by any age group. The Scientific name of this breed is Equus fetus Cabalus and cost for purchasing this breed are $800 onwards.Fjord Horse pictures 2018

Fjord Horse wallpaper

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