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Fabric Banner Material

Vinyl banner materials typically consist of a polyester scrim embedded in white vinyl. The scrim of a vinyl banner is a woven product that contains of a grid pattern of intertwining threads.

Flexibility.  Even though banners should not be folded, you still want to check the material for flexibility of the material.

Opacity. If you decorate the banner on both sides, you want to make sure that the material has enough “hiding power” to prevent the graphics on one side from showing through on the opposite side.

Gloss.  High gloss material can obscure the image of the applied graphics or printed graphics.

Smoothness.  If you are going to be printing on the banner rather than decorating it with cut vinyl graphics.

Material Weight.  For printed graphics, a thinner banner substrate, such as a 10 oz. material.

Top Coating. The quality of vinyl banners has improved immensely over the years. One of the big improvements is in the reduction of plastic migration.

Test Standards. In evaluating the scrim or internal fabric of a banner, manufacturers test the tensile and tear of the material according to established industry test standards.

Dyne level.  Whether you are applying cut graphics to a banner surface or printing on it, dyne level is very important.  In selecting a product, a minimum dyne level of 36 is desired.


Because polyester fabric is soft and flexible, yet tough and durable, it has become a very popular choice for printed interior banners. Its delicate and flowing look and feel make it particularly suited for use in promoting feminine products.


Cotton and polyester or some combination of the two are another banner fabric option. Because cotton banner fabrics have a very soft and elegant look, they are popular choices for indoor applications, such as museum graphics and point-of-purchase signage.  Cotton is not recommended for outdoor use.  If it gets wet cotton fabric will shrink and discolor.  Moisture also promotes the growth of mold and mildew. 

Polyethylene  and polypropylene banners

For indoor applications and short-term outdoor projects, inexpensive alternatives are polypropylene and polyethylene banner materials.  Many of these banner materials are top coated to accept a wide range of inks including water-based.

Fabric Banner Material Download

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