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Chinese Cobra

Chinese cobras are a medium-sized, highly poisonous species of cobra snakes belonging to the Elapidae family, occurring in southern China and in some neighboring countries and islands. They are terrestrial, diurnal and crepuscular. They are known to be very aggressive and alert.


The Chinese Cobras are medium sized snakes.The average length of the Chinese Cobra is 1.2 to 1.5 m. The body is of brown, gray or black in color with yellow or grayish white  scattered  double lines. The head is wide, flat and triangular. The eyes are rounded and dirty yellow in color. The head, tail and upper body are light gray, tan or black in color.

The Dorsal aspect is white, yellow, brown and has gray,white or yellow lines along the body.The ventral body is white to gray or grayish black.The ventral aspect of head and neck is white or light gray or light orange.

HOOD MARK:  The hood mark varies slightly. It is horseshoe shaped and connected to one or two sides of the throat.

SCALES: The entire body of this snake is covered with scales.23 to 30 scales around the head, 19 to 20 scales on mid body, 161 to 180 scales on ventral surface and 37 to 51 Subcaudal paired scales.

Scientific Name

Naja atra


1.2 to 1.5 m

Venom Weight

250 mg
Colors brown, gray or black in color with yellow or grayish white  scattered  double lines
Diet reptiles, lizards, birds,eggs of birds, rodents


The Chinese Cobra is found in a wide range in Southeast China, Taiwan, Hong Kong,North Vietnam,North Laos.

The Habitat of the cobra varies from lowlands to mountain forests. The Chinese Cobra can be found in  grasslands, plains, woodlands, farms, open fields, mangroves and in densely populated areas.

The Chinese Cobras are more abundant in areas near human settlements, fields and forest.


The Chinese Cobra is  Highly active and very alert. These Cobras hunt during day and night, they also hunt during hot hours of the day.

The younger Cobras are more aggressive due to confusion and nervousness. The Cobras are violent, but they mostly try to escape when threatened. They tend to hide under leaves, sticks, rocks.

If they are cornered  or if they have to face the attacker,they quickly raise the fore body, spread the hood, hiss loudly and if essential they can strike and bite the attacker.


The Diet of this Taiwan Cobra can vary as per age and availability. The adults, mostly feed on reptiles, lizards, birds,eggs of birds, rodents. The Youngs feed on Amphibians, frogs and toads. In the breeding season of frogs, the adults also feast on the toads and frogs.The Chinese Cobra can eat some fishes and mammals.

The eagles, crocodiles are the natural predators of the Chinese Cobras.


Like other snakes, Taiwan Cobras are oviparous. The mating occurs mostly in early summer, between March and May. The mating of these Cobras can be very long. After 2 to 3 months of mating, the Female lays 6 to 25 eggs in the months and hatches them. The female has to protect the eggs from egg eaters.The Hatchlings are about 20 cm in length and more  vulnerable For  predation.

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