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Paint Brush Clip Art

After you have started to varnish or enamel.If you intend to leave the work overnight, put the brush in a can of turpentine or paint thinner. You will find it convenient to keep a can of turpentine always on hand. Before using the brush again brush it out thoroughly to get the turpentine or paint thinner out, and work the vanish or enamel into the brush thoroughly before you continue with the job.

lean the brush out thoroughly with turpentine, benzene, or kerosene, then wash with warm soap suds, rinse in clear, warm water and shake the brush well. Store in a dry, cool place.

Paint Brush Facts

Should you neglect to clean your brushes and they become hard and seemingly useless, don’t throw them away. Liquid brush cleaner will quickly revive brushes to service again. It leaves bristles soft and pliable and will not harm bristles, hands, or clothing.

For easy brush conditioning and storing, we highly recommend the use of Master-Mixed Brush Conditioner for all except neoceta brushes. The above brush conditioner is a fiber container in which a vapor maintains. Softens paint brushes while keeping them dust free.

Paint Brush Clip Art Download

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