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Garter Snake

The Garter Snakes are known with common names like Garden snakes and Gardener Snake.

The Garter Snakes are small to medium sized snakes commonly found throughout the North America.The Venom of Garter Snakes has mild neurotoxins and offers no threats to human.

Garter Snakes are small and grow up to 58 to 70  in length.The Common Garter snakes weigh about 150 g. The Small and short body of the Garter Snake is stocky .

The distinctive feature of Garter Snake is three, longitudinally running yellow or white stripes over the  dark colored body. Due to  long and ribbon like stripes, the Garter Snakes are also named as ‘Ribbon Snakes’. Most of the Garter Snakes have three stripes on the body running from the head to tail.

The body and the stripes come in wide range of colors. The body colors may be green,blue ,red, orange,brown and black. The Stripes are white or yellow colored.

The garter snakes prefer to eat amphibians like frogs yet they can eat lizards, rodents, leech, earthworms and fish.They are adapted to the different environment.

The venom of the Garter Snake has mild neurotoxin but the teeth are located backwardly in the jaw and are not capable to inject the venom efficiently. The Bite is not dangerous to the human, the bite cause local swelling,tingling and redness at bite site.

The Garter Snakes remain active during day and sometimes found on the ground on warmer winter days.The garter  snakes are good climbers and swimmers. The Garter Snakes show different social culture. Large  numbers of Garter Snakes collect at the communal den and hibernate together in winter. After waking from hibernation they mate.The Snakes travel long distance to the communal dens for brumation.

Many people mistakenly refer to these snakes as Garden Snakes, because the name sounds so similar to Garter Snake. Garter Snakes are very common, with a broad range covering most of the United States, especially the populated areas. The most easily defining feature is a stripe along the spine, for the entire length of the snake.

Are garter snakes venomous or dangerous? No. They are totally harmless. Like most snakes, they may defend themselves if threatened, and strike, but this will rarely result in any injury – maybe just a light scratch and bleeding from their tiny teeth. If in doubt, just leave the snake alone. But no, garter snakes are not poisonous.

Garter Snake Pictures

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