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Dartmoor Pony Horse (Introduction, facts and characteristics)

Dartmoor Pony Horses have lived in South western England and used in discipline. Due to its excellent stamina and power they can survive in any extreme conditions. Till 1930’s,  The number of this variety was 26000 approximately but declined about 5000 numbers presently. They have strong and broad shoulders and chest with small head, large and attractive eyes.The shoulders and legs are full and flowing due to that they can move in free and smooth manner.

The Dartmoor Pony has unique jaw structure. The native of this group is from Britain, England and followed by many parts of the world including U.S.A. This stallion is very cool, calm, gentle and intelligent.dartmoor pony pics



Dartmoor Pony (History Facts)

This Dartmoor Pony Horse breed is from Devon (Southwest) part of England. The name denoted by the portion that is totally wildland (moorland) that is called Dartmoor. The Dartmoor Horses have ability to move and ride high mountain with its great potentiality and minimum  vegetation. It has lots of stamina and adaptability so can survive in any condition.

During Medieval Period, these ponies were utilized for transportation across the moors. The cross breeding happens with Shetland Horses. In 17th and 18th century the attempt of preserving the Dartmoor Horse was going on. A Stud book of this Stallion was formed in 1924. Now a days the program related to increase and preserve the number of Horses of Dartmoor.dartmoor pony pictures



England and Britain

Common Uses

showing, general riding, racing, dressage and events


12 to 13 hands


440 pounds


Bay, brown, black  and chestnut


$ 550 onwards

dartmoor pony wallpapers


Dartmoor Horse Traits

It has medium height so they are the first priority of children and these breed horses are to strong that adults can also ride them. It has muscular well defined body structure with small head and ears, length of neck is average. It group is hardy in nature and is originated naturally now in the protected National Park areas of England.dartmoor pony images


Colors, Uses and Temperament

The Dartmoor Horses are Gentle creature with different unique colors such as bay, black, brown, white marking and chest nut in colors. Rarely with the roan color. This species are useful in trail riding, dressage, showing, jumping and general riding, hunting etc. Though this group horses are cold blooded with great temperament they are quite, gentle, calm and intelligent.

dartmoor pony wallpics



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