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Connemara Pony Horses Introduction

The Connemara Pony breed is a native breed of Ireland. This pony is famous for its hardiness, endurance, sport and show events.  This pony bred is popular for its good temperament and very safe and best suited to children. Due to its effective features used to buy in many foreign countries and Ireland.

This species has strong back and laid back shoulders. Because of the versatile and trustworthy nature  this stallion is common choice of pony cob. In straight and rear views both shows free movement of shoulders.


Connemara Horses (History View)

Scandinavian ponies, Irish horses, Spanish horse were believed as ancestors of the Connemara Pony breed. This pony breed had tried and true over cross breeding.

. In the 18th century, blood of Arabian Horses was added to this pony breed to increase its endurance. This pony was also crossbred with Hackney horses and Thoroughbred horses. As a result of too much cross breeding, this variety started to lose its originality.

As an effort to protect, improvise and maintain the breed features, the Society for this pony breed was established in 1923.finally in 1926, the stud book was established.this breed is developed in Ireland, nowadays this pony breed is found  in U.K., Australia and America.


Country of origin Ireland
Common Uses Jumping, General riding, Show events and Dressage etc.
Height 12 to 15 hands (130 to 150 cm)
Weight 600 pounds which is 423 pounds lighter than average horse group
Connemara Horse Price $ 1500 onwards


The harsh lands of Ireland have given rise to this pony breed and has made it very tough and strong. The head of this pony is of medium size and straight. The forehead is broad. Ears are strong. It has long back, muscular shoulders and short but strong legs. Mane and tail are medium in size.

The height of this pony is 15 hands and the weight of Connemara pony is around 606 lbs.

 The most common color for these species is gray. It also comes in other colors like bay, chestnut, roan, buckskin and cream.


Connemara Horse Uses And Temperament

The Connemara pony breed is tough, tactile, active, multi skilled and easy to handle. It is used in Show events, dressage, riding. This breed is very good in jumping and used in Jumping events. In its native land, it is also used in farming, ploughing, carrying  children and families in different places, riding. In Ireland, special shows of Connemara pony have been organized.

The kind,friendly and sensible temperament has gained great fame in the world. Children can safely ride this breed ,it can carry adults also.one can find this pony in junior level sports.



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