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Balloon Clip Art

Balloons were used the first time with the successful human attempts at flying version. Lots of experimentation with the balloon-like craft may be begun in early 1709 with the work of Bartolomeo Lourenco de Gusmao,  who was a Brazilian priest and an inventor.

In 1783 Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier at Annonay, France, suggested that a fabric bag filled with hot air would rise once. On June 4 of that year, they decided and launched an unmanned balloon that traveled more than 1.5 miles (2.4 km). At Versailles once again they repeated the same experiment with a larger balloon on September 19, 1783, sent a sheep, rooster, and duck.

Balloons have got highly valuable quality in science. In 1911-12, Victor Francis Hess, an Austrian physicist, made a dare to fly a series of the balloon at 5,000 meters (about 3 miles) to prove the existence of cosmic rays. Nowadays due to advancement in weather science since 1900 have resulted in great part from an intensive exploration of the upper air by instrumented free balloons, which have risen to an altitude of 30 km(19 miles).

Auguste Piccard, who was a Swiss physicist and educator set a world’s altitude record in May 1931 made a  balloon of his own design, which consists the feature of the first pressurized cabin used in flight. 

Jean-Felix Piccard, a twin brother of Auguste, who experimented with plastic balloons and helped to design the polyethylene Skyhook series of high-altitude balloons with which the U.S. Air Force sent manned flights of about  100,000 feet (30,000 meters) to collect whole data of the upper atmosphere so Sports ballooning has gained popularity over the years.

Colorful Balloons Clip Art Images

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Red Balloon Clipart

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 Birthday Balloon Clipart

balloon clipart vector



























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