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Clydesdale horse is an obsolete horse breed which is breeding repeat in Scotland. It is mainly originated to the Scotland. Its name comes from the Lanark shire. It is known as Irish drought horse.

Breeding history of Clydesdale horse Photos


In the middle of 18th century, the Flemish stallion horse imported in the Scotland. The Cross breed of Flemish stallion with local mare in Scotland the breed developed is called Clydesdale Horse. The result of the cross breeding is more than local stock of breed.

Characteristics of Clydesdale horse Images

They are hold height approximately 70 inches. They are weighted approximately 1800 pounds to 2000 pounds.

There is some mature Clydesdale horse is 72 inches. Heightened and 2200 pounds weighted. They are some shorter than Shire horse, Percheron horse, and Belgium horse.

They are keeping straight forward extrovert profile. They have wide forehead, and muzzle. They have a well muscular body. Their shoulders are slopping.

They are having an attractive and very active gaits and hooves and legs are very potent. They usually are in Bay color but, some time it is showing in roan, Black, gray, and chestnut. They have also kept a white mark on their body.

Uses of Clydesdale horse

They were used in Agriculture and coal hauling industry. Today’s modern Clydesdale horse is using in Agriculture, logging activities. It is also using as driving horse, riding horse, and show horses.

Clydesdale Horse for sale

Its selling started from 200$ to 9000$

Characteristics of Clydesdale horse in Brief

Scientific Name

Equus caballus

Country of origin



Maximum 72 inches.


Maximum 2200 pounds


Straight forward and extrovert profile

Wide forehead

Curved Beautiful

Well muscled body

slopping shoulders

Attractive & active gaits

Hooves and legs are stronger



Roan, Black, Gray, and chestnut

White marks




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