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Clip Art School Bus

For some parents, driving their kids to school just feels like a safer option than sending them off with others or on the school bus.

After all, when you are behind the wheel you are in control of the situation. you may feel that letting your child ride on a school bus won’t offer you that same assurance.

But today’s school buses are built with safety at the forefront of their design, and they are impeccably maintained to ensure the continuing safety of your children.

In addition to providing your children with a clean, strongly built bus.

School bus drivers must attend special security and medial training as well as undergo drug and alcohol testing on a regular basis.

The fact of the matter is that your child is actually safer riding the school bus than they would be in your vehicle or with friends.

23% of student fatalities occurred with an adult driver, while only 1% occurred on a school bus.

Not only are there safety factors to consider, but environmental and financial factors as well. For every one school bus on the road.

There would need to be 36 vehicles to carry as many passengers. Nationally, school buses save up to 2.3 billion dollars in fuel costs.

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