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Clip Art Designs For Wedding Invitations

If you want to trim money from your wedding budget without sacrificing style, making your own wedding invitations is a good way to cut costs. This article will teach you to make wedding invitations from start to finish.

Wedding invitations are typically broken up into three different parts: the save-the-date, the wedding invitation, and the RSVP card. Decide if you want all of these to be included in your invitation-making process, and how similar or different you would like each part to appear.

  • The save-the-date typically includes an announcement of engagement and marriage, the names of the couple, and the date and (optional) time of the wedding. You don’t have to include the location or any other details.
  • The wedding invitation should be sent out at least six weeks before the wedding date. These should include all of the information for the wedding including the names of the couple, the location, date, and time. Feel free to include more than just the basic information on your invitation.

Before you can make your invitations, you need to know how many you will have to create. To do this, make a guest list organized by family or household. Include the full name, address, and optionally their email and phone number.

  • It is easiest to organize all this information into a spreadsheet on your computer. This way, you can quickly pull up the information and make any necessary changes.


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