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The Chinese White Dolphin is a well known Humpback Dolphin found in Southeast Asia and Australia. This dolphin is famous for its joyful leaps out of water.

The unique feature of this Sousa chinesis chinesis subspecies is its pinkish white color. One would be surprised to know that at birth, this white Humpback Dolphin is dark gray or black in color.

The  Chinese  White Dolphins   inhabited the Indo  Pacific  Ocean since the late 16th century. Now this dolphin variety is listed in the Red List of IUCN as Threatened.chinese white dolphin wallpapers



The Chinese White Dolphin has a sleek, smooth pinkish white  body with a long, lean beak and triangle shaped tail.The pink color is due to blood vessels. As the name suggests this dolphin variety has a hump on dorsal fin. The eyes are protruded and can see in  the water and in the air. This humpback dolphin swims slowly.

The average length of this Dolphin variety is about 2 to 3.5 meters and weight is about 330 to 500 pounds. The life span is about 40 years.

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The Chinese White Dolphin lives in warm, shallow coastal water. This Indo Pacific humpback dolphin is found in the sea water from South Africa to South China. This dolphin species like to live in water near coasts, bays, sandbanks, river mouths. The natural habitat for this Chinese dolphin is Pearl River delta, in the waters of North and southeast Lantau and Peng Chau.

Small to medium sized fishes are food of this Pink Dolphin variety. They find their prey in shallow coastal water. They feed on crabs, lobsters, octopuses, crayfish, cuttlefish, squids.

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The dolphins live in groups of a male and female dolphins with their calves. These  dolphins come to the water surface to breath. The adult dolphin can remain under water for 2 to 8 min and younger ones can remain underwater for 1 to 3 min. The dolphin leaps out of water with whole body in the air. Sometimes we can see them swimming on the water surface with upper body lying over the water surface. This dolphin variety communicates via whistles, clicks.

The Chinese White Dolphins are slow swimmers yet they can travel for a long distance. These dolphins migrate from one place to another  in search of food and favorable environment. In winter,  these dolphins migrate to the warm water to maintain body temperature. These dolphins make high frequency sounds and use echolocation to find their prey and way in sea water.

The gestation period is about 11 to 12 months.After that female dolphin gives birth to single baby and feed it her milk.the baby is taken care of until it learns to find food itself. The male reaches its maturity at 12 to 13 years of age and the female matures at 9 to 10 years.The mating occurs between summer and winter.

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The Chinese White Dolphins are considered as nearly threatened, according to IUCN. The drastic decrease in numbers of these dolphins has raised attention to the threats.

Catching of fishes has lessen the food for the dolphins and sometimes dolphins get caught in fishing net. Intentional catching of the dolphins for food and their body parts has created threat to them.

Due to high contamination and pollution of sea water and urbanization of coastal areas, The Chinese White Dolphins have lost their natural habitat. Overuse of boating  has killed many of them.chinese white dolphin image


There is an urgency to preserve this dolphin variety otherwise it will be endangered.

The  Hong Kong government has started the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department  to watch over the population of the dolphins. In Hong Kong, Dolphin watch and boating were organized in the Pearl river to raise people’s concern for this dolphin variety and their support to protect the Chinese White Dolphins.chinese white dolphin image 2018


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