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Caspian horse Origination information and hd images

The Caspian Horse is oldest pony horse within the world. Today, the square measure out of Obsolete Horses of geographical area. The Caspian horse was lived from 3000 BCE to the seventh Century in geographical area.

Nowadays, they soul in a district lies between Caspian shore and Elburz mountain.in 1960’s Caspian horse breed was refounded in Iranian Mountains, close to Caspian see by the Horse stock raiser Louise Firouz.

Louise Firouz was looking the horse horse to ride the children’s. once she ride informed the Bay entire horse within the Amol city. The Bay entire horse was cramp serious cart and she or he was confirmed and determined that to buy it. She was named that Bay entire Ostad.

She occurred the Oastad to her school in Norouzabad. She started breeding with seven Mares and half-dozen stallions. The breeding program was got wind of by Asian country|sovereign|crowned head|monarch} of Iran. he was planted A royal horse Society at Louise and Narcy Firouz’s Stud.


Caspian Horse Characteristics

Caspian horse may be a native and ancient horse within the world. they hold spherical formed face, small ear, big chap, giant eyes and really communicative .

they grip sleek neck, high wither, powerful hindquarters, straight and slim back, and high set tail.


Country of Origin



Louise Firouz


about 47 inches.


about 476 Kg.



Breed Characteristics

slim body, short height
powerful hindquarters
sloping withers
Strong feet, good jumpers


as pony to load heavy weight
in the Riding School
as a Breeders
Jumping and Eventing 



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