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Nobody is aware of concerning however the Breton breeding. But, there’s one theory exist that says that at the time of Aryan migration concerning 4000 years agone This horse breed is returning to the Europe. On another hand, the second theory says that these horse breeds square measure bought by Celtic warriors before the conclusion of nice Great Britain.

The ancestors of those breeds have lived within the mountains. The Celts is also exploitation this horse breeds for riding throughout crusades.

These mountain horses square measure European horses cross breeding with Oriental horse shows like basin Beton.

The Breton ancestors square measure strict by millitry officers. it’s comfy to sit down thereon horse thanks to their comfy gaits. This horse breeds use in draft and agriculture work.

This horse breeds were developing in Breiz. The stud book created in 1909 and in 1951 the registry was closed formally.

Normally, this horse has hold chestnut color. It additionally holds blonde, bay, blue roan, and grey. It holds sturdy and powerful muscular body. It holds height concerning one.63 meters. it’s shorten neck, straight and well-furnished body, wide chest, broad back and well formatted hooves. 22
Breton Horse available

Selling price of the Breton Horse is lies between 1691 Rs. to 1393 Rs. if we have a tendency to count this price in greenback the Breton Horse square measure marketing in 21$ to 26$.

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Breton Horse Breed

Breton Horse Breed

Breton Horse Breed

Breton Horse Breed

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