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Brachiosaurus (History View)

Brachiosaurus was lived in 150 million years ago in mid Jurassic Period. Maximum fossils of this breed variety were  found in North American Region. First Brachiosaurus fossils were found in Grand River Valley in Western Colorade in 1900. Till 1909 many Paleontologist find many fossils of this Arm Lizard Brachiosaurus in North America and Africa.

Paleontologist name Elmer Riggs found and named the fossils which he had discovered was incomplete in skeletal view.

Body Facts and Figures

 Head of Arm Lizard (Brachiosaurus) was smaller in size and neck is larger in length as like Giraffe and back portion is heavy with long front legs and short hind legs. They walked with four legs and head was small and skull had very loose attachment with rest of skeleton.

Because of the above figures this species is easily differentiated with others. This genus vary because of its foot as the pads have five toes in bottom part so it can move in muddy areas, too.

Diet of Brachiosaurus

This adult Sauropods had to eat up to 400 kgs or 880 pounds of dry matter in each day. This the herbivore variety of breed in the search of its meal it was wandered in high mountain ranges. teeth of this genus can only crush the vegetation/plants. Because of their long and straight neck, brachiosaurus preferred higher plants up to 4 m and more in height.There might be possibility that these sauropods ate lower vegetation also.

Arm Lizard  (Homeothermic and Endothermic)

Brachiosaurus were the species, Homeothermic means took more time to warm up in sunlight and at night took more time to lessen the body temperature thus they maintained and regulated the body temperature at steady state. It was also Endothermic means controlling body temperature and it was warm blooded which was the responsible reason for its high metabolic rate. This breed had large nasal arch for genetically cooling the brain.

Kingdom Animal
Phylum Chordate
Class Reptiles
Order Saurischia
Scientific Name Brachiosaurus
Height 40-50 Feet (12-15 meter)
Weight 30-80 Tonnes

Brachiosaurus  ( Height and weight)

The height of this sauropod was 80 to 85 feet (20-25 meters ) so measured about two and half stories high and weight was 30 to 80 tonnes  so this weight was 4 times of single elephants weight.


Behaviour and  Temperament

They were so calm and gentle species and it was not going to harm unless provoked but very fast defending. They wandered everywhere in group with peaceful manner in search of food.

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