Boomslang Snake, Bite, Fangs

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Boomslangs  Snake

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Sub-phylum: Vertebrata

class: Reptilia

Order: Squamata

Sub-order: Serpentes

Family: Colubridae

Sub-family: Colubrinae

Genus: Dispholidus

Species: D. Typus

boomslang snake bite

Body Features

As these names describes, ‘Boom-Slangs’, ‘Boom’ means a ‘tree’ and slang means ‘snake’. According to the Dutch and Africans, it means ‘Tree Snake’.

The weight of these snakes vary from 170 to 510 gm, averagely the weight measured of it is 299.4grams.

 The Boom-slang found in the central and southern regions of Sub Saharan African is an extremely dangerous Venomous snake species.

Averagely, an adult Boom-Slang is 100 to 160 centimeters long( 3.25 to 5.25 feet) in total length, but some are found to exceed 183 centimeters(6 feet).

The head of the Boom-Slang has a egg like oval shape. They have very large eyes with round pupils. These species have amazing eye sight. The Maxillary teeth they have, are small anteriorly. May be seven or eight followed by very large three very grooved fangs. There are also the dorsal scales, narrow and strong, sequenced in almost 19 to 21 rows.

The Coloration is so variable in the Boom-Slangs. Male snakes are light green with the blackish or bluish scale edges while the females are brown. According to information, Boomerangs are not bright green snakes always. Their Coloration depends upon the different factors including sex, age, etc. These Coloring helps them to camouflages in the wild arboreal habitat around there.


boomslang biteDiet

The Boom-Slangs are diurnal means active during the day time and meal at once a day. And are almost arboreal means lives along the trees. Their diet primarily consists of lizards of chameleons, frogs and sometimes small birds, mammals and bird’s eggs from their nests. They do not chew their meal instead they swallow the whole food. Even they are the arboreal snakes sometimes they come on ground, crosses the water rivers or roads to hunt for the prey.

boomslang venom


The breeding season for the Boom-Slangs snakes generally occurs from July to the early October.

The Boom-Slangs are the Oviparous snakes and lays almost 30 eggs at a time, which they laid in a hollow tree trunk or a wooden logs. The eggs produced take rotting time to hatch called the incubation period which is relatively long(averagely three months). Hatchings have different colors. The Male Hatchings are grey in color with blue speckles. While the Female Hatchings are pale brown in color. The sex of the Boom-Slang Hatchings depend upon the incubation heat and temperature. They obtain their original coloration after several years.

The Hatchings are approximately 20 centimeters ling in length and pose almost no threat to the humans. But they became extremely dangerous venomous after the time they reach a length about 45 centimeters. They get their new skin growth within the 10 days of birth.


boomslang picturesHabitat

The Boom-Slang snakes are the native to sub Saharan Africa. These species generally spend all of their time on chilling out in the trees, in different environments. from the coastal thickets to the Savannah.


boomslang biteVenom

The Boom-Slang belongs to the family colubridae, as most of the colubrid snakes are non venomous but the Boom-Slang is one of the few venomous snakes of this family. It has highly potent venom, which it injects with its small fangs. These rear fangs are 3 to 5 mm long, located under the eyes.

As the Boom-Slangs have rear fangs, they are enable to open their jaws nearly about 180 degrees.

When biting, they are also capable of fold back their fangs into their mouth, when they are hot in use.

The venom of the Boom-Slang is almost a Hemotoxin. This cause the victim may die because of bleeding. The venom has been noticed to cause Hemorrhage into the tissues, like the brain and muscles. Some signs and symptoms concludes sleepiness, headache, nausea, and sometimes mental disorders.

boomslang snake bite

As the venom of the Boom-Slang is slow acting, symptoms not become visible while the venom spreads after the many hours of the bite. This is good enough that because of it, the victim may have sufficient time to procuring anti-venom. But sometimes, it also provide victims a false state of mind leading them to misunderstand the seriousness of the bite.

An adult Boom-Slang may inject 1.6 to 8 mg of the venom during a bite depends upon the aggressiveness of the snake.

A Boom-Slang is a very shy and fearful snake and generally bites only when the people tries to catch, or kill the snake. If confronted or cornered, they inflate their necks and assumes a ready to strike ‘S’-shape pose.

Boomslang fangs

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