Boa Constrictor Snake Facts, Diet, Habitat

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Boa Constrictor Snake

 Scientific Name:-  Boa constrictor


Boa constrictor is a close relative of anaconda. It can be found in South and Central America. Boa constrictor lives in variety of habitats: deserts, tropical rain forests, savannas and areas near human settlements. It can also survive at different altitudes. Boa constrictor is known as one of the most beautiful snakes because of its colorful skin with interesting prints. High demand for boa’s skin in the past resulted in reduced number of boas in the wild. They are placed on the list of endangered animals today.


Boa Constrictors are large and heavy snakes. This Red Tailed Boa has relatively small arrow shaped head with a unique pattern of stripes that run from the snout and eyes extend behind the head.The Boas have sharp teeth. The Boa Constrictor may be of  brown, gray or cream color with dark brown or reddish brown saddle pattern. The pattern is more over the tail. The Male Boa has a  longer tail and long pelvic spurs.

The RED TAILED BOA has more red pattern and red color is more prominent than other Boas.

The Female Boa Constrictors are larger and heavier than the Males.The length of Female Boa is about 7 to 10 feet and that of Males is 6 to 8 feet.The weight of The Boa Constrictor is 23 to 35 lbs.

The Unique color patterns help these snakes to hide from predators as well as preys.


                                                Boa Constrictor IMAGESboa constrictor and python

 boa constrictor age

 boa constrictor as a pet

boa constrictor images

boa constrictor

boa constrictor bite

boa constrictor bite

boa constrictor


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