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Bengal Tiger interesting facts

The Bengala|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} tigers are found within the South Asian countries; Republic of India,Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan. This Royal tiger is that the national animal of Republic of India in addition as People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

They are the foremost varied tigers within the world, nevertheless once vulnerable. the planet Wide Fund for nature(WWF) has started the movement ‘SAVE TIGER NOW’ & several comes were started by these countries to shield the tigers and to extend their numbers.


The tiger has yellow to orange coat and black stripes. The tail is slightly darker in shade than coat and has black rings.The tail is regarding eighty five to a hundred and ten cm long.The belly and internal facet of the limbs area unit white in color. Skin around eyes,nose and chin is additionally whiter. The teeth area unit terribly sharp and solid wherever canines area unit sharpest and longest altogether teeth and area unit useful to them to kill the prey.

The Bengala|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} tigers with complete white color are called WHITE geographic region TIGERS.The chromosomal mutation is to blame for their white color.The White Bengala|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} Tigers are principally found in Assam, Bihar, Rewa in M.P. in India.

The male tigers area unit comparatively heavier and bigger than the feminine tigers.The average height of the tiger is regarding ninety to a hundred and ten cm the common length of the male tiger is 270 to 310 cm which of the feminine tiger is regarding 240 to 265 cm. The male tiger weighs regarding 390 to 565 lbs and also the feminine tiger weighs regarding 220 to 350 lbs.



Scientific Name Panthera Tigris Tigris


Male: 390 to 565 lbs
Female: 220 to 350 lbs



90 TO 110 cm



Yellow to light orange coat with Black/ Bold Brown Stripes.

The belly and interior parts are white in color.

Tail is orange in color with black rings.


 male : 2.7-3.1 m

Female: 2.4-2.6 m

TAIL : 85  to 110 cm




The geographic region tigers board natural surroundings of the tropical evergreen forests, the tropical dry forests, the tropical deciduous forests in Republic of India wherever they’ll realize grasslands, drink and food within the watercourse plains of the Ganga and Brahmaputra River.

The Sundarban within the deltas created by the Ganga and Brahmaputra River close to Bay of geographic region is that the solely flowering tree forest wherever the geographic region tigers live.

In India, the natural home ground for the tigers are destructed to extend residential and industrial space. The home ground area unit restricted currently and also the geographic region tigers struggle for spare food, water.

In People’s Republic of Bangladesh, The geographic region tigers board the Sundarban forest and within the forests at the hill of metropolis. In Asian nation and Asian country, this tigers board the forests at the foothills of Himalaya,near their borders with Republic of India.



The geographic region tigers prefer to live alone. one will realize the tiger sitting on grasslands, beneath reminder trees or roaming close to riverbanks. they hunt their prey alone.They are the wild animals and do not like every interference.

The tigers area unit carnivores,eat meat of the prey killed by them.Different species of ruminant area unit their favorite food.They principally kill giant animals like ruminant, antelope, sambar, buffalo, fox etc.sometimes they relish the tiny preys like rabbits,porcupines.In search of food, the tiger reaches the human communities and attacks on the livestock and generally are often man eaters.They can eat up fifteen to forty weight unit meat at a time.

The geographic region tigers cannot run an extended distance in order that they stalk their prey. They take advantage of their stripes and color to cover from the prey, they still follow their prey. The Tigers return as nearer as doable to the prey and attack them from sides or behind, they kill the prey with the assistance of sharp teeth or claws.Bengal Tiger Stock Photos

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The tiger will eat solely 6o pounds at a 1 night. Some dangerous tiger is man-eaters.





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